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the swallows. man it blows. need some advice.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sodomizedjello, May 16, 2006.

  1. fuck! hahaha, alright, i got a problem. maybe you guys can help me :)

    sometimes when i'm hitting my steamroller for the 6th or 7th time (to where it's not totally cached it's just all black and you got a couple more decent hits left) i start to seriously gulp down a bunch of smoke.

    into my tummy, where it doesn't belong.:(

    it's painful for my chest. i can't burp it out for a looong while, and if i try to take another hit after my tummy is full of smoke, the smoke WILL NOT, no matter how i try at it, it will not go into my lungs, it automatically enters my stomach. to the point where it feels like the tubes in my neck are full of smoke that wont come out. this sucks. i'm just trying to get high, but sometimes i'm not able to because i can't get the smoke to go into my lungs. what the FUCK is wrong here? can anyone who's experienced somethin like this tell me how to fix it? :(
  2. dont take too big hits in a short amount of time. if i take bigass rips one right after the other, my mouth starts to water a bit and i swallow a bit of smoke.
  3. you have to suck in

    mouth closed sorta creating a vac in your throat till you feel a 'thump' of sorts

    keep at it till the airways are clear burp burp burp or grab an epinephrine inhaler (yanking a brow/lash or nose hair releases it naturally in a pinch)

    this will dilate your airways and clear out any gunk side by side with herb

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