the supreme being

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  1. Just as I was pondering about my insecurities a figure appears in my thought. Not a view of color; nor black or white, but rather a shade of grey. It instructs me to not hide anything, then tells me everyone is their own person in a distinctive way. Also, he says to not act or say because of others, but do what your heart and mind tell you. Be you; for yourself; no one else.This all made me think…
    What one does and says is what makes that person who they are. This is also how your portrayal of your character is shown to others. A man does not ridicule another man for being a genuine person. If one does what they believe is right, then there is no wrong. If one makes goals, they should not reach them, but come to the closest point, and keep striving. Live in the present. There is no need to regret the past; everything happens for a reason. There is no need to plan everything out. Live now, live happy, and live how you wish.
    And now it comes to me. The figure is THE supreme being. It is not a figure of color for a very good reason. The supreme being is not defined this or that, but is open to interpretation.
  2. supreme being. i've experienced that. being supreme.

  3. give this word to the people who like to use the word struggle. :)

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