the sun vs hydroponics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wmemae, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. who do you think will out waigh the other , two seedlings sprouted the same day , one in soil outside eating jacks 20-20-20 1/4 streangth and the other in a flood and drain system under 4 4' flouros cool and warm white for veg and 2 400w hps for flowering .

    what does G.C think
  2. lol the sun ...umm duh
  3. Both have their advantages.

    Hydro doesnt necessarily have to be indoors, btw.
  4. true but I discribed the setup for the hydro
  5. hrdro seems to be winning 3 nodes to 1 node . thats so far but I wanna se waight

  6. You better get rid of the jacks 20-20-20 on the seedlings, this will surely kill them. Do not use any ferts until the plant is about 1 month old.
  7. maybe thats why its not growing , the ones inside are getting liquid earth nutes and they are loving it they are 15 days old

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