The Suffering of an American Drone Operator

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  1. Pain Continues after War for American Drone Pilot - SPIEGEL ONLINE

    This article pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with the use of drone strikes in countries abroad.
  2. My buddy has a family relative in the air force who has clearance for this stuff. He said to him that the satellites can read the time on your watch, the special ones

    Sounds hollywood lol who knows
  3. Powerful stuff in that article. Terrible to think that people think remotely deciding someone's fate is more humane that a face to face confrontation.
  4. Hard to sympathise with someone who repeatedly murdered people so they could get a college education. Thumbs up to his girl for leaving him.

    I do like the point made in the article about this "intelligent warfare" is sold as being "more humane". Like saying small pox infected blankets were more humane than shooting the natives.
  5. yup..

    we hear that a lot "well, drone attacks are better than a full ground attack"
    why does it have to be either one?
  6. That Meyer girl doesn't want to be a weak covered up afghani woman who she claims aren't soldiers yet she kills people with drones... A poor economy that's resulting in people having to kill to survive. How does it get worse?
  7. Read the whole thing. It definitely speaks volumes; there is no easy way of fighting in a war. It doesn't matter if it's through a computer screen, ending a life is ending a life. The effects are everlasting. Many of us don't think of it in its entirety, but you need to acknowledge the little things that we overthink everyday that bug us, and understand the magnitude of the things these people have to live with on a daily basis. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize things aren't getting better, and these people are ordered to kill other human beings knowing that the only thing they're accomplishing is taking away the life of a living, breathing, conscious human being with a family, just like themselves

    Choose your careers wisely. An education isn't going to guarantee happiness

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