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  1. Hi All.  Seasoned toker here. I just landed a job....contingent upon passing a drug test.  I've subbed before...back in the 90s.  I plan to use a travel Pantene bottle, 'crotching it' as in NOT up the V, but in the panties against my body.  I'm not scared of bringing it in or proper temps or anything...I'm scared of an open door, or someone right behind the door.  My container is definitely quiet when opening...made sure of it before purchase.  I've practiced a few times with water in the bottle and I'm just wondering...for a normal pre-employment test, will the door be open?  I'm a little nervous I'll be seen (not heard).  Most of the time, people don't go wiggling around and moving arms on the are busy holding the cup under the stream (i'm female, fyi).  I know nobody is going to pop their head in or anything...or will they?  I don't want to be labeled as 'suspicious'.  If the door is ajar, do I just do my opening and pouring behind my panties or under me in the toilet or before I even sit down?
    I've been a stay-at-home mom for a few years now, and have been out of the loop.  i see they have a fancy-schmancy way to test now..oral! Damn, who's doing that now? Hopefully not this place!  A wizz quizz for part-time, seasonal photography

  2. from personal experience, ive only been peeked on during probation tests. you may be ok but imsure others will comment.
  3. I have have heard of people using condoms with pee in them and tying it around your thigh?
  4. The door will not be opened and they will not watch you. It's gonna be a closed door for pre-employment.
  5. Only place I have ever heard of open door drug testing is military and probation/parole testing.

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