The Stupidest Things xplicitcontent Has Done In His Life

Discussion in 'General' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 21, 2002.


What's the dumbest thing I've ever done!

  1. 10) Buying liquor when Cops were across the street

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  2. Got high off my own supply

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  3. Killed plant with bongwater

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  4. Left weed around house

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  5. Thought about drinking Bongwater

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  6. Lighting a Cigarette backwards

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  7. Driving while tripping

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  8. Taking large amounts Coricidin and Dramamine

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  9. Going home f'cked up

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  10. Drinking a case of beer while driving

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  1. Heres a poll of the top 10 dumbest things I've ever done in my short lil life.

    10) Tried to buy liquor underage at a convieniance store while being drunk when there was 3 squad cars across the street at a fast food restaurant.
    9) At first and last attempt at selling weed, ended up smoking the whole supply.
    8) Fed a 2 week old plant bongwater which ended up killing the plant.
    7) Left weed constantly in places where parents would find it around the house when stoned.
    6) Actually thinking that bongwater could be drank and could get a buzz from it
    5) When stoned, always lighting at least one cigarette backwards.
    4) Driving in a car while tripping.
    3) Taking large amounts of coricidin and dramamine in an attempt to trip
    2) Going home f'cked up and trying to explain to parents where eyes are red and can't walk strait
    1) Driving around with friends in a car and pounding a whole 24 case of MGD.
  2. There are some things on there that are gross, but driving while drinkin is not only stupid, it's crazy...can kill someone else other than yourself....

    The other things seem to be aimed more at self-punishment...but I've never tripped and driven either....

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  3. that sounds like a list I made the other day...

    I went with trippin while driving. I did this and realized maybe I should tell my friend that Im tripping face. What a good idea!!! he decided, seeing my unablity to barely talk let alone drive, for me that he should take the wheel. it was funny as hell but I couldnt even conceive of there being a problem. I thought I wasnt doing my job as santa claus, seeing as it was snowing and I had a case of beer I had to deliver. so he said, you can be the elf, cause we can spare an elf but not santa. so he drove the good ol honda sleigh.
  4. Man, that Coricidin will kill ya. Try Robitussin max cough. It's far safer.

    PS, not the cough and cold. Just make sure the only active ingredient is DXM.

    But yeah, driving under the influence is really bad too.
  5. I hate drinkin DXM though, its so far nastier, that I'd rather have liver disease then to have to take DXM in a liquid
  6. I always thought it tasted ALOT better than alcohol. Max Strength Cough ain't that bad, its the guafenesin and other shit in DM and CF that make it taste like total shit.
  7. i pserhonally suggeest not to get really fuckin hammered like brain hemmoraging kind of hammered go bike riding to the convietent store for some kind of cold mediciner that has 250mg of actcataminophin per each pill and then take the whole box. its not fun thinking well it was a good idea before i ate of all them pills but now the real challege is to stay awake so i can feel myself die. and i laughed when i though iw as going to die on the bikerid over smashinng into a boat trailer what a fun night!
  8. The problem with mixing pills and alcohol is that it creates bleeding in the stomach due to the alcohol reacting with the pills active ingredients. Its normally nothing serious, but that is why it is advised not to drink after takin medication...

    as for the rest of the list, thats some funny ass shit, I love drivin while trippin, my friends are goin insane. Drinkin and drivin isn't cool though, but whatever.

    I can relate with first one, was in convenience store buying some liquor with a homemade fake and a fuckin pig walks in. Luckily guy behind the counter believes my "EU Student Id Card" and I rush home... fuckin relieved... luckily pigs always go after the donuts.

    peace and happy tokin'
  9. actually, i think i got brain damage cuz my head has been feelin weird since. Also my stomache was killing me the morning after, which is why im going on a break from pills
  10. yeah I had issues with my bladder. I though someone was stabbing my right around my uterus area. I dunno what is where but all I know is there was a lot of stabbing sharp pains. And I found out that I thought I had made it to bed, but my dad found me sitting straight up leaning against the coffee table 2 feet in front of the tv, with a beer in my hand and all our dvd and videos spread out around me. hahaha. thats great. 6:30 in the morning I was going through all the movies picking which one to watch, and apparently I felt asleep in the process. hahaha. I didnt get up until 5pm that night.

    as far as the night when I was trippin and driving, later that night, I didnt feel like I was trippin anymore, so I drove home, and it started snowing. before I left my friends, we smoked some awesome cheeb and it started snowing. the school I go to is pretty much an all wooded area, and I swear, with the headlights reflecting the snow, all I saw was red and green snowflakes. I couldnt believe my eyes!! so I jst drove around until I knew I had to get back to my apt cause I was too tired to drive anymore. but man!!! what fun that was. this is me the whole time, WHOA. blink. wow! blink. WOW! blink. whooa! blink. I cant believe...blink. WOW! hahaha.
  11. Sensi, I'd love to see you tripping some time.
  12. This threads almost a year old.

  13. awe! :) *blush*

    maybe we can just get high together :) im not too sure im up for tripping anymore. :/

    but lets get high!! :) (and drink some millers :) )
  14. i'd deff rather drive trippin out then really shitfaced....

    tripping out is easier to hide then being visablity hammered beyond all comprehension.....

    i've driven on 5g's of mushrooms wasn't that hard, just had to pay attention to the light and not getting side tracted an looking off somewhere else for no reason.....

    drinking and driviong is very dangerous, i do it....but i don't support it, i also know my limits and know what i can and can't drive under.... to many people i know have gotten dwi's to take to big of a risk...

    an hey.... your never too old to trip out....

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