The Study of Thelema

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  1. I like to study different religions, theologies, and many different beliefs. I've studied Buddhism, Neo-pagan beliefs, Wicca, The other Wicca, many different forms of Christianity, those flying spaghetti monster people, Dudeism (I'm  an ordained priest of a religion based off of a movie, lol sweet) Satanism and the other Satanism and so on. Well, I've come to Thelema. Mysticism, magick, and no bullshit ideals? why haven't I studied it sooner?
    My question is, is there any Thelemites or practitioners/people who study of Thelema? if so can you tell me about it?
    The only thing I have to go off of is the internet and I prefer personal accounts/books. Sadly I live in the middle of a hole so I can't.

  2. Never heard of it...
  3. Are you serious? Mr. I'm-a-student-of-world-religions has never heard of Aleister Crowley, arguably the most well-known occultist?
  4. Book of the Law is the 'scripture'...liber 777 lays out all of the correspondences using tables. The correspondences are based on the kabbalistic tree of life, which Crowley interprets as being the 32 fundamental 'ideas' or 'essences' that make up reality. 32 representing the 10 sefiroth of the tree of life and the 22 paths that connect him. Actually, he splits the last 2 paths into 2 separate meanings, so there are 34. Also Magick, Book 4 is supposed to be pretty much the best book for getting a thorough grip of the practice.
    Yes I'm serious. I read into a Crowley a bit and he didn't seem to make much sense at the time. I liked his poem about absinthe, or whatever it was.

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