The strangest thing I ever had happen to me

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  1. Hey everyone I just joined the site tonight and figured I'd share a story about a weird sequence of events that happened to me a few ago.

    I go to art school and there is a field on campus that we all smoke in. It's almost like Mary Jane is legal in this field. People sit around and smoke there all the time without being hassled by any of the campus police that come by. It was a cool Fall afternoon and I had just gotten out of my last class and decided to take a seat and write in my sketch book. After I had written about half a page two girls I go to school with, but I never really talked to very often came by and offered to smoke me up. I of course replied with a quick and grateful yes. The three of us smoked a couple bowls at the golden picnic table nick named the cheese bench. They had headies and shortly after the 2 bowls I began to get a lil antsy. We eventually said our goodbyes and went our separate ways, I back to my car and them to the bus stop. I decided I'd draw in my sketch book a little bit longer before I would depart on a 45 minute drive home. I got pretty into my drawing lost connection with what was going on around me for the most part. when I finally finished I looked up in my rear view mirror and to my asstonishment a red car was parked behind me on an angle blocking me in. I got really weirded out since there was noone in the car and I hadn't seen it prior to getting in my car...So now my minds racing and I start thinking someones trying to rat on me, and they'll be back with a cop or something ot get me in trouble!!.. stupid thought but hey who knows..So I bounced:bolt: to figure out how to fix this. I wandered around campus hoping that car would magically disappear when I went back. Of course it didn't move and inch. I was still pretty high and really just wanted to leave so I bucked up and decided to ask a campus cop for some help. All blasted I explain to this cop that there's a car parked behind me blocking it in and I don't know how it got there. He decided they musta run outta gas.and left me there to wait. Ten minutes later he comes back with another cop, which freaked me out at first, and tells me we're going to manuver my car out. So there I am all blasted trying to back my 88 Camaro out of a spot with no room.. the new cop decided to start directing me and when I didn't follow him so easily he gripped up my stearing wheel and started doing all the turning for me through the window. No luck...The cops leave again. By now I'm burnt and finally here comes this kid who owns the car appologizing to me saying how it's a stick and it has no E-brake so it will pop out of gear and role backwards sometimes....I couldn't believe that car stoped before it smacked into my bumper while I was inside all stoned drawing.,,I can honestly say that was one of the weirdest luckiest things that has ever happened to me. Needles to say I smoked a fattie that night and had a good laugh about all that had happened:smoke:
  2. hahahah woww i would have been sketched the fuck out to man! thats nuts haha good story, must have been a bitch having to talk to the cops while blazed but at least it ended good! :)
  3. hahaha dude sickk story
  4. hahaha
  5. Thanks for the kudos guys. I love to tell a good story I have a ton and plan on posting more in the future.
  6. Great story bro!:hello:

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