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  1. But an identity.

    \tThis strain seems to have it all. Even at a glance, this female exhibits obvious Sativa characteristics. Let me start with what matters-Potency and Yield. The smooth-tasting smoke lets you know up front you are about to touch the sky. The buzz will animate your world. A world where even the most mundane routines have an added fascination. All while your newly found insight delivers sudden solutions to problems and your creativity hits overdrive.

    Now let me touch on yield. Right about now you might be thinking “okay great buzz, but I bet you have to flower for 20 weeks and then get just a runt harvest. This lady grows in every direction and moves with a purpose. And Buds are not shy about growing wherever there is room-looks like Rush hour on an LA Freeway. As far as Flowering time, patience will ultimately pay off.

    Now, you might be thinking this is the part where you say “all you need is a NASA Clean Room and 4500 Watts of HID lighting to grow inside, or a tropical sun to grow outside.” This plant is the polar opposite of hard to grow. It is the most resilient plant I have ever encountered. It can handle any extra H20-In fact she's a thirsty girl. Heat doesnt seem to pose much threat nor does the cold. Clones are as literally as easy as wetting some perlite and inserting a cutting. This lady even resists insects. While nearby plants show clear cut signs of insect damage, She remained largely unaffected

    It has everything but an identity. It came from the pile of seeds that I had saved up from bags-although I cant remember smoking anything this good. I obviously got lucky to end up with something like this, But after nearly a year of propogating this strain I need to give it a name. “UNKNOWN BAG SEED” just doesnt do it any more.

    I would love to know what a more experienced eye thought. Here is a look at the original “mom” from las Fall. If it looks and sounds familiar-please let me know what strain you think it resembles. I hope to get some leads and track down more info. I would be very grateful for any feedback that might advance my discovery.

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  2. buddy can i like worship you??? no i'm not kidding :D

    Edit: reason being that is one proper and pimp may i add gorilla grow... hehe i love the green fence too... thank you for thinking ;)
  3. did u get any seeds??
    nice plant man.
    any pics of end product?
    by the way i think your in the wrong forum!
    laters jay.

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