The Story!

Discussion in 'General' started by Sovereign Psyche, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. so heres the story

    the other night, me and my friend got high off a little weed that i was gonna "give away" to one of my friends for 15$ but we decided to smoke it anyway. i de-seed/stem it on a piece of paper, and put the piece of paper inside a cabinet with dvds in it so i could get it later. well we go outside to smoke, and we come back in and we really wanted to get drunk, b/c we werent that high. So we go back upstairs and get some alcohol and start drinking it. when we go back downstairs we were really drunk and didnt know what we were doing, so we ended up leaving the seeds and stems in the dvd cabinet in my basement, and go back upstairs.

    we wake up in the morning and go chill in my living room. my dad comes in and asks me if i can explain this, and he opens up the sheet of paper and shows us the stems and seeds, i was like, "its weed" lol, i didnt really care that much, my friend gets really scared, and my dad asked him to leave, so he ran away to my other friends house (lol) so my dad starts telling me about how im throwing my life down the drain and shit like that, and i basically said, im sorry that you feel that way but im not stopping

    now he just like doesnt like that i do it, but hes not gonna try and get me in trouble for it or anything, he just doesnt like it and knows that he cant do anything about it

    infact, im high right now:smoke:
  2. My parents are pretty much the same, they know I do it, know that I'm probably not gonna stop.

    I do live in thier house so I dont smoke in it or anything nor do I go about preaching that Im high.
  3. Just walked in on my dad smoking. Not the first time either. We both know each other smoke, but i think smoking together would just be weird. It is an unsaid agreement between the two of us.
  4. nah man smoke with your dad. its cool. it was akward for me at first, but i've gotten through that.

    most of the time we smoke on the way to seeing a movie or something.

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