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The story of the Giant and the Kid

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by AresKenux, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Now what if, a corporation adopted a child. And not necessarily make a giant set to harbor this child, but rather use the world as the set to harbor him. Now this child was abandoned by his mother, and went through trauma, even as a baby. When he grew up the love that was shown to him was superficial, and he could even feel it. When he went to school, people already knew who he was, and even what he did yesterday, or even this morning. He was an outcast at school. No one wanted to be near him, for they thought he was nothing like them. Judged, manipulated, unintentionally ignorant. He never knew he was part of a show. And he didn't know what his problems were. So he isolated himself, became a lone wolf. Lost in his thoughts and imagination. People would only genuinely love him while watching him from the outside, never showed this love when he was in their perimeter.

    He stepped into middle school. This time, he was trying to burst out of his shell, and make amends to society, for what he never shared with them, little did he know whatever he had, was already shared. So he made a fool out of himself everyday. Trying to be social, the other kids seemed to love him. Problem was, they're kids, they don't know better. To the kid, his peers had some kind of sixth sense, wherein they could tell what he did yesterday just by looking at him. He gave up finally, he just went back to being himself. Eventually he moved onto high school, you see, recently he moved into a nasty neighborhood, contaminated with crime, the plan was to use the kid to clean up this neighborhood. But at what cost? The kid was still depressive, and was isolated, now even more-so than ever. For he moved into a new area, and did not have the slightest idea, on how to make friends. Especially with such rottenness around. Peers and people took advantage of him. Making him out to be an outcast still.

    After high school, he started smoking bud, that changed his mind, his attitude and perception. He became open-minded, said "screw the world, who needs it?" Started recreating his life from the ground up, he eventually quit bud, but a year later his ideas remained, but his sickness started to form. You see, the marijuana triggered psychosis in his genetics, and he became insane. Not knowing it at first. He saught out help. No one would tell him what was really wrong with him. That he was unintentionally ignorant about the show. All they would tell him was that he over-thinking things, he soon realized what was going on, he started to realize these so called coincidences were not. But he had no confirmation that these people were doing this. So they made him out to be mentally insane.

    He committed suicide, done with the emotional trauma, you see his whole life he was scared of pain, never experienced physical trauma as much as he did emotionally. But when he died, the world span on, he was known as the giant's fuckup. The world was not recompensed for what was done to him, and no one felt sorry. For no one understood what was really going on. To the giant, the world is its playground, keeping the masses in unintentional ignorance. Only one was born to realize it, but he offed himself. The fate of mankind is left to the merciless. The world spins on, and no one gives a shit.

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