The story of my mom and her boyfriends break up.

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    Be prepared this may be long...

    A couple hours ago I was coming home from my friends house. I don't have a car to myself (my sister had it), and my friend lives moderately close so i walked. Out at college, i have my own apartment, but since its Summer, I am home just like the rest of my family.

    So, i was walking back to the house i grew up in, and as i turned on to the street, i heard a faint noise of a dude yelling. I disregard it. But as i was walking towards my house, the noises grew louder and more distinct. I thought that maybe it was coming from my house. Now i could see my house and the voice was clearly coming from my Mom's boyfriend. I have never heard them even arguing before, but because my dad treated her like shit, I am very protective of my mother. So i was instantly infuriated.

    I walked into the door of his house, and as i slammed the door shut the yelling subsided. I screamed "what the FUCK are you yelling about so loud that I can hear you from the top of the FUCKING street"

    He left the room and my mom answered for him "something stupid" and i say "no shit". I then say that by the time I'm out of the shower he better be gone. So I take my shower, and as I come down he is sitting outside my house with the door open. I yell at him to get the FUCK off of my property and he does not. I pretty much explode. I don't see my mom cry often, and when I do, i get extremely angry.

    So i tell him to leave my fucking house and not to come back, or i will stab him. This scared him a little, but he did not want to show it. So he says, "you don't have a hair on your ass to stab me". And i screamed some things that i do not fully remember, and I tell him that if he isn't gone by the time i come home from my walk, I will legitimately stab him. I wouldn't ever actually stab him, but he didn't know that, and i thought there was a law that you can protect your property if you tell ask them to leave.

    So i go on my walk, smoke a cigarette to calm me down. When I come back he was gone. I go up to my moms room to see her trying to cover up she was crying. I hug her, and i text my sister and told her what happened. She called my mom to make sure she is alright (my sister is a few years older then me and a lot more mature so if anyone can calm her down it would be her). Then i go up to my brothers room. I find out that he was screaming at the TOP OF HIS FUCKING LUNGS at my mother with my 10 year old brother upstairs. He was shaken, but he never liked my mom's boyfriend, so he seemed unshaken. I guess he was happy to find out he wasn't coming back.

    The fact that he was screaming and cursing at my own mother's house with my 10 year old little brother just in the room upstairs, able to hear everything aggravated me. So this is the story of my day, i just wanted the fellow blades and bladettes to hear, i needed to get it off my chest.

    Thanks for reading. Typing it made me feel a little better :wave:
  2. what a cocksucker. do you know what he was blabbering about?
  3. I have no idea what the fight was about, and my mom doesn't want to talk about it.
  4. damn man, and u still dont kno the reason behind all this bullshit?? find out, and if u must...finish off that punkass boyfriend of hers.:devious:
  5. Damn dude, sorry to hear, good on ya for stepping in though! :)
  6. hes lucky he didnt get slapp'd the fuck down huh?:hello:
  7. Not only lucky, he is blessed. I always had a temper. Especially when it involves family.
  8. damn what a shity day dude
  9. damn u handled that situation better then i would have
    i know how u feel being protective of your mom

    i would of knocked him out just for even yelling at my mom it would of been an ugly scene......
  10. Did u head-butt your spacebar like dane cook dose when he is writing a mean letter to some1?
  11. No, but i did headbutt a wall in my basement.
  12. it would have been alot cooler if u did headbutt the spacebar. Headbutting a wall in a basement is kinda dumb in my mind. Not calling u dumb...but i have punched a wall w/ my fist.
  13. GOod thing ur were coming home right then. good job standing up for family.:hello::hello:
  14. dude no joke, i was in that SAME EXACT SITUATION....except i didnt give him a chance to decide to leave...chased the motherfucker outta the house in his underwear and didnt come back til morning.

    it sucked though, i worked with the guy. he wanted to get a PFA against me (protection from abuse). I told my whole family, gave my mom the option its him or me. Unfortunately she is still with him, but she knows better then to talk to me about it. All i know is she put down the $80,000 for her house and he is on the lease, so to get whats hers is mad technical and expensive. I feel bad for her though:(

    Its not the first time things have happened with him. Just the first time in front of me. He actually tries to buy my respect now, offers to pay me 100$/car to wash and wax 3.

    Be prepared for the brown nosing. You and the fam. will be aight man, keep a smile on your mom's face though!:wave:
  15. its good that youre protective of your mother
    but its really rude to just intrude on them when you dont even know the situation
    your mom could have done something that really upset him
    but you just really should let them work it out
    what would you do if your mom heard your gf screaming because you were fighting and threatened to stab her?
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    Dude, I could hear him yelling before i could even see my house and my mom was crying, and it was in HER house the house i grew up in long before he showed up. what the hell was i supposed to do?

    I've punched walls with fists too, it actually hurt a significant amount less then punching.
  17. so, did you ever find out what they were fighting about?
  18. No, my mom still doesn't want to talk about it. I'm going to ask my sister when she gets home though, my mom probably told her.
  19. props on stickin up for your mom bro.

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