The story of my luxury [homemade] in-car beverage dispenser

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  1. Not so far away, when I was 16, I threw down on a shitty car with some friends, totaled to $700, so I put up 2, while the three others split the rest, but I don't know who paid what. I had a magnificent stoned idea for the car:

    I would make a beverage dispenser in it, using the washer fluid lines to dispense drinks.

    I left it hooked up as it was, and ran out the fluid, followed by about 20 loads of dish soap and water, followed by many fills of clear water, it was hard as hell to get all of that soap out of the reservoir.

    Finally, when the lines were clean, I had to figure out how to reroute the motherfucker. This was hard work for a stupid adventure, I had to smoke more weed and take some speed.

    I finally found where the pump was, turns out it didn't split into two lines after the pump[like I had expected], the pump gave out two lines['sonofabitch']. I connected the two lines together with some fittings I stole from the actual squirting part on the hood. Now I had to go out and buy some rubber hose.

    I got that one there and routed it in under the drivers side and finally attached the hose with some duct tape to the dash on the passenger side, but still in the middle[Kind of, if you can understand the picture I'm trying to write]. Now after I packed 1-gallon ziplock bags of ice around the reservoir, I filled it up with that drank, [just Dr. Pepper for the test run.] It worked with no leaks but tasted weird.

    I soon remembered the additional hose I had purchased wasn't washed, so I ran another 20 loads of soapy water followed by 20 loads of water, then tried again to find it working.

    I impressed about zero chicks total with the drink dispenser, it was very over-complicated, had us out for windshield washer, but when we pre-filled it, it was a nice device to have for cruisin' high as shit, with the cottons.

    Also it worked for 'country-cruisin' ' which is driving around and getting drunk at the same time on country roads, usually at night. When someone needed more, they just tapped me on the shoulder and held their cup underneath the dispenser. When filled with hard liquor, one little tap [you know how one tap will continue to squirt for a short time] made a perfect shot amount.

    That's my story of the shit-car drink dispenser. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you decide to copy it, tell me about how you like the convenience of scrubbing your windshield with one of those things at the gas station, and having beverages on tap while you drive.
  2. lol. pretty funny idea.
  3. I did it, not just an idea man. [No offense here]
  4. Haha, that would be perfect for drinking! Think if you got pulled over
    You got any alcohol in the car today sir?

    Haha yea but good luck finding it
  5. lol yeah i just meant it was funny that you thought of it and actually did it. and that it worked. you should figure out how to turn your cars heater into a vape now. so you turn on the heat and it just fills that car with weed vapor.
  6. Exactly.

  7. Ill get to it. :smoke:
  8. Sounds like a bit of a waste, maybe figure out a way to hide the vaporizer and the weed while routing the 'hitting hose' into the passenger compartment...maybe in the air filter? [Which is unnecessary if the car only has a few thousand miles left on it anyways...]

    That shitty car is done, but this summer we might get another. We never got one summer of '09, but summer of '08 we didn't do too many crazy modifications to, we just made a convertible out of it and removed all the doors...

    We'll just see what happens summer of '10.

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