The story of my high...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by burninginahole, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Today i got the highest i have ever gotten. i smoked like 2 bowls (it had been a month since the last time i smoked). i got stoned off my ass. i was in a storm drain thing and there was ice and shit and i felt like i was sinking in the ocean until i realized i was sitting in water. i felt like clay and i could get up and it felt like i was shinking. i walked out and when i got out of the storm drain i started feeling like a puppet and it was totally fucked up. then i went to my friends house and play midnight club and it was awesome. i didnt know what the fuck i was doing and i couldnt keep the car straigt and it kicked ass!

    so thats my weed story ;)
  2. that reminds me of the time i made celery soup
  3. first of all i feel mighty sorry that you were ever in a storm drain at all. wet, cold.....what if ya dropped yur pipe? but im glad ya gota nice buzz, hope you dont catch a cold :D

  4. yea man weed does that to ya
  5. I built my own igloo once to smoke was pretty cool!

    get it, cool? HA!
  6. ha ha ha yea it musta been pretty cool. man. man. i fortogt what to say.heh heh you hotboxed a igloo thats fuckin you should play gran turismo 3 when youre stoned its the funnest shit ever. i remember i used to play with my future brother in law. he used to smoke me out every fuckin day. i never had to buy weed. guess i gotta pay him back sometime. ahh preciouse memories.
  7. that remindes me of one time a long time ago i got so stoned and i thought i was one of those nsync puppets things from the video ahhh it was so fucked up..

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