the story of my 4 plants.

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by minimum payne, May 10, 2004.

  1. I thought i would post pics here of theyr growt, since u guys and girls are so nice and helpful to me.

    theyr quite old now , i put them in the first pot of dirt waaay back in februar, there was allmost no light, and i almost forgot about them every now and then, until the light and temp rised enough for them to start smelling, and i started showing interest again :D

    now there is hairs on 1 of them, and im waiting for the others to show what they are. so here is the picture of 2 of them, ill group em all together on the next picture i show u.

    the seeds were picked out of weed that i bought, so i dont have a clue what type it is. but the weed was powerful even with seeds in it, so i think i will be happy with these aswell :D

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  2. can u guys tell me what the prowords mean, i see a lot of words that i dont fully undertand , like

    topping the plant? (kutting off the top?)

    trim leaves? (just rip off the leave right?)

    cloning ? (i have no idea what that means in practicality.)

    and some other stuff i will remember after i push "submit reply"
  3. todays update, theyr sad, cos its gray and rainy outside, but i guess there will be better light later.

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  4. today i gave em a cup of water each, the soil was drying up so i thought it was time to get the "rain" in for the secont time since i repotted em, will be fun to wach em today, as there has been a lot of action allready there, first off, i got someone 1 meter outside my window, atleas thats what my dog told me, by barking muffeled 1 time, so i go look, and i even took a pic for you:

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  5. o darn i meant this picture, the first one is how to not take a pic of your weed. :D

    no these were outside my window:

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  6. and heres my plants update, theyr sitting by the window wondering if there will be sun today:

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  7. Those plants look weird as fuck, i'm not rich, or do i have a good computer, so no pics of my plant, but i see that ur bottom leaves are gettin yellow and shit, mine do that too, i was wondering if u fixed that or if u knew how to fix it, or if it really is old age, which is what everyone likes to tell me now.
  8. mu plants have stood there since februar so i guess its old age... new leaves are growing out there on mine so i dont worry.

    heres my plants currently.

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  9. today i gave em water cos they were hanging with theyr heads, and the soil was dryed.
    i think the tallest one is a male, shall i just kill it then?

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  10. HIGH All, pull it if you know for sure....I quess it's too early to put them outside if you have them sitting on your sill.

    And what were those little creatures?
  11. there those small hedgehogs, my dog doesnt like them, but what can he do? every time hes tryed smelling them, they sting his nose so he accepts them as a phenomenon not welcome in our yard, he just doesnt know how to handle them so he usually gives up on them after a short while.

    funny to wach however, they just lie there with theyr spikes folded out, waithing for him to go away.

    they eat bugs and worms so i think theyr ok :)

    gonna kill the male tomorrow if those are balls, there are tiny pods there now that i imagine arent anything female, atleast i dont think it is.
  12. HIGH All, I knew it!!! Played with them little suckers so many years first day of school was in Zweibrucken....65'...ooohhhh sooo many memories...ooohh soooo long ago.
    Where do you live my friend...if it's Alright in asking?
  13. i live in scandinavia ;)

    heres todays pic, still havent killed the tallest one, but i think i will in a few days depending on how it turns out, i saw a tiny white hair up on top, and something that seems to develop as a ball lower down so maybe its a transexual? or what those are called? hermafrodites?

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  14. update 23/5

    i took the 2 smallest ones, and planted them outside.

    these two are left here, i think the tallest one is eighter a girl, or a aphrodite.

    the small one is a girl and looks normal compared to others.

    nice buds building up . i will probably plant the small one outside too, and kill the tall one.

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  15. 19 june, heres some blume:

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  16. those look pretty nice man. ive tryed growin but never seems to work out for me. and its kinda risky where i live.
  17. more pics, heee

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  18. one more, theyr allmost 1 month into bloom, using the window as lightsource from 9 in the morning to 21 in the evening.

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  19. its now the 7, heres a update on the flowering.

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  20. i bought a big magnifying glass today, and i can now take close up pics with my old camera, by holding the magnifying glass between the camera and what i want a pic of, works really well, hehe.

    i think theyr both hermies, but whats a man to do, ill just smoke them and not give a fuck.

    any tips on hermies? how should i do them in?

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