The Story Of Bottled Water

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by SmokinP, May 21, 2013.

  1. I really don't know how anyone drinks this shit. I can't stand it. It tastes like plastic.
  2. Because of articles like this
    My tap water has a metallic taste, I don't know. I stay away from it.
    Damn just read that article and it's kinda fucked up what companies do to try to cover shit up.
  4. It's not a coverup. They're just being good neighbors ;)

  5. My water tastes like bleach/chlorine..

  6. I guess I can get behind this, because I read somewhere that the plastic bottles they use to put the water in can cause cancer if they sit in the car for too long, which is the case with all of my bottles. But my tap water is straight up Allegheny River water...I have issues with the fact that I have to take showers with it sometimes cuz it's like...cloudy sometimes. Maybe that's my landlord's fault, though. I dunno...
  7. Ha, what a joke. 
    Stop dumping toxic waste into tap water and I'll consider drinking it. 
    "Bottled water" is also a joke.... Filtered tap water. 
    I only buy spring water from an artesian spring a mere 6 miles from my home. Twenty five cents a gallon. 
    What a stupid video. 
    Watch a video on how fluoride is fertilizer and metal refining waste. Cheaper to convince stupid americans it's "good for your teeth" and dump toxic waste into our water supplies. 
  8. I guess I need to give in and buy a good tap filter.
    The tap water is full of flouride and chlorine, but the bottled water is full of bacteria and plastic shit.

    Just can't win can we?
  9. A reverse osmosis filtration system does wonders.

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