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The stoner multi-tool!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Unwise, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. No, there isn't one yet that I'm aware of.

    But, in another thread someone posted a picture of a multi-tool, and it made me think - why doesn't someone develop one directed towards people who enjoy cannabis? I've noticed that a lot of my friends and myself tend to carry around certain tools that are often improvised, forgotten, or just barely effective at their intended purpose.

    So why not develop one for general cannabis fixer-upper projects?

    Let's get some ideas rolling, for kicks.

    So far, I believe these things would be necessary:

    Needle nose pliers as a standard as a roach clip.
    A knife because everyone can use one
    Scissors to cut bud up with (if you dont carry a grinder, or do not like grinders)
    A poker to clear out clogs in pipes
    Something with a flat edge to pack bowls with
    A specially designed tool to scrape resin with
    a tiny bowl to spoon keif
    A flashlight because everyone can use one

    And that's what I have so far. Not too far-fetched, right?

    What do you got for me, GC?
  2. Cool idea man. My choice:

    Roach Clips
    Blunt Slicer
    fold out knives you can use as hot knives on the stove

    Idk...more things ofcourse
  3. I like the idea for the fold out hot knives, that should be a necessary addition as well.

    Maybe different models of it could be designed. I know some people almost exclusive smoke J's and L's, so they wouldnt need all the poker/packer/scraper nonsense and they could get a 'lite' version.
  4. unwise you need to get on it, taht sounds awesome! id buy one! lol
  5. I'm thinking a kief brush, to accompany the spoon. This would allow one to brush the kief neatly into a nice pile, in which the spoon could be used to scoop it. It would also help gather the extra kief that is located alongside the rest of the grinder that you aren't usually able to access.

    I've thought of this idea before, myself. Except my friend and I were thinking along the lines of a swiss army lighter. It had everything you've mentioned, plus the brush and a lighter attached as well, so you're able to handle your bud properly, as well as light it up.. All in one tool!

    It's a capital idea, for sure. Just the production of it is whats needed.
  6. I like the idea for the kief brush too! A lighter I'm not too sure about since it seems it might be awkward to use for passing around to light bowls, but then there's always a chance someone can design it to work ergonomically.

    And it's good that I'm not the only one thinking of these things, it'll bring some fresh ideas around!
  7. Some beeline, or a place to conveniently place some for lighting. An old *spark-rock-type* lighting device, for if you're in the woods, without a lighter, and found yourself a tree of knowledge. :smoking:
  8. Yes, like a dry storage section to house a match and a bit of bee line. Excellent idea!
  9. my friend didnt think his parents knew he smoked, but then for christmas his dad gave him a little multi tool and said he could use the needle nose pliers for a roach clip, the knife for splitting rillos, and the flashlight for when you drop the roach.
  10. Radar Detector for police. They have small ones and it could beep when a cop car was within range.
  11. Just do a Google for pipe tools. :p:smoking:
    Here is an example;

    Pipe Tools

    likely there are more sources too, perhaps camping tools, etc.:)

  12. I've seen some pretty cool pipe tools at smokeshops:smoking:

  13. I would worship a multi-tool with this on it.
  14. I know about those, and I know about using camping tools, but I'm talking an actual Multi-tool. You know the foldable ones with like 8-10 tools? Something like that, only with a lot more than the standard 3 in 1s.

    Plus, if you get caught with it, unless the cop unfolds it and inspects it, he's not likely to think it's anything other than a multitool. So no paraphernalia charge.
  15. A pipe tool is the best invention ever... it's like a swiss army knife for stoners
  16. a detector that tells you if you smell like weed or not

  17. YES! i always wonder that!!
  18. Hahaha, an incredibly priceless addition if it could be developed! :smoking:
  19. the tool has a built it bowl. oh ya

  20. best idea

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