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The Stoner Chart

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jlotz123, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Which number do you usually reach when you smoke?


    I'm roughly a 5 on average.
  2. 4 but hopefully with a t break a lot higher, and any chance you got this from 420chan?
  3. Id say about 6.
  4. Usually 6-9
  5. 5... Sad thing is I'm still kind of a noob, so it's nothing to do with tolerance. :(
  6. Probably around 2 all day, everyday, going higher at various points.
  7. I'm usually around a 5, I have hit 9 before but lets not get into that story, I pretty much just got destroyed :bongin:
  8. Ahh, I just realized there's two eights.
  9. 8 :smoking:

    P.S. Whats the bong tokin smiley code?
  10. 6-9, wheneva I smoke. :smoking:
  11. :bongin:

    : bongin : (no spaces)
  12. 2 I have a high tolerance.
  13. Theres two 8s and no 10 :(.
  14. I was in the 7-9 range the past 2 nights, shit was crazy
  15. Go to 6 often, been to 8 after bonging half a g of dank
  16. i'm usually a six. and i find that good enough
  17. On normal days I'm anywhere from a 4-7, but when smoking with friends I usually smoke alot more which normally puts me around a 8.5.
  18. What the fuck? What was with all that hallucination shit? The only time I ever hallucinated and MJ was even involved was when I stayed up for like a week all the while smokin dank. And obviously I was hallucinating because I went more than 70 hours without REM sleep.

    I mean up until all that, I found the chart relatively accurate. Probably 4 or 5 for me
  19. At least a 3 or 4. I've seen the full chart of effects but I guess it depends what I'm doing.

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