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The Stoned Panda

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by OddChick, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. There's a Panda in the rainforest and he is smokin' some pot.
    He is really stoned and he's just chillin'.

    All of a sudden this lizard walks by and he smells it and he says
    "Hey Panda, what's up? Can I get some of that?"

    And the Panda's like, "Sure man, come on up."
    The Lizard climbs up there and they start smokin'.

    An hour goes by and they are still smokin', they are so stoned.
    The Lizard says, "Man, I am so thirsty, I'm gonna go find some water."
    And the Panda is like, "O.K, I'll see ya later, man."
    So the Lizard goes to find some water.

    The Lizard gets to the river and he sees an Alligator.
    The Alligator says, "Man, you look so stoned. Where'd you get that?"
    And the lizard says, "Dude, there's a Panda over there up in the tree,
    he's got some, I'm sure he won't mind."

    So the Alligator sets off to find the Panda and the Lizard
    gets the munchies so he takes off.

    Finally, the Alligator sees the Panda and heads over.
    The Panda looks at the Alligator and says, "Man, how much water did you drink!?!?"
  2. Haha... Funniest joke I've read for a while.
  3. awesome!!! very funny
  4. Hahaha, I love it.
  5. omg, you won't believe it. I told this joke to someone I work with, they just gave me a blank look and said, "why, did the aligator drink a lot of water"? I laughed even harder than when I read the joke.

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