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The stoned drawer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TwztedElegance, May 25, 2010.

  1. But they still do the same shit don't they?

    A wine bottle or lets have a better example, a crappy 12 pack of beer gets you pretty drunk and costs less right? But a more expensive 12 pack of beer gets you the SAME drunk and costs more, but tastes slightly better..

    The same thing here.. That weed may not taste the best but it still does the prime thing that people want from smoking weed, it gets you high!

    Sure there is a difference, but still the dudes in India.. Props to him for getting contacts and actually getting some weed. Things are not the same there as it is in US or Europe my man.
  2. wow man what the hell is that? it looks baddd

  3. u can get worse than that in the pic ?
    seems to have seeds try grow ur own ?:smoke:
  4. yeah i've seen people buy stuff that is completely dry and brown haha.

    yeah i might, theres tons of seeds.
  5. i feel sorry for the people in india...
  6. Why do poeple quote the OG post, like we dont know what thread you're talking about?

    but yea, I would smoke it just to try weed from another area. If your cool with any growers, try to show them some more modern grow techniques so you can possibly get better weed.
  7. all I can say is WOW and I thought I've seen some badd weed =/
    I think dealers in India need to get a memo?! lol hope you didn't pay alot for it.
  8. The thing about India is that not many people take pride in growing good weed. Most are just out there to sell you shit and make quick money. In my experience the only people from whom you can get real imported western stuff are the dealers who sell hard drugs, and you don't want to go to them unless you really have to.
    Or one could go to manali (malana), which is where the best hash in the world is made. Im going there in a few weeks, so I can ask around if they know a good dealer in Pune, im pretty sure they will :D
  9. king size zags?
    most def the way to go.

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