The "stolen stash" story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sad Panda, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. I invite a few aquaintances to my room to hang out...not to smoke, though. A couple friends from my hall in my dorm drop by as well. Nothing unusual happens.

    Later that night, I break out the bong as usual, and go to get my stash, which is hidden in a sealable coffee mug entitled "Cup of Inspiration". It was GONE!

    "Fuck!" I think, searching my room frantically. One of those aquaintances must have pilfered my fucking stash. And I can't get it back from them, cuz I don't know which one took it. Even if I did know, it's not like they're gonna give back $10 in mids and $40 in high-grade just because I ask politely.

    It's not like I can report this to campus police: "Hey, I had a coffee mug stolen. Can you get it back to me without looking inside it?"

    So I figure I'm fucked. I have my bong, but my $30 pipe, and about $50 of weed is fucking GONE. I'm in college, but I haven't found a dealer here yet. I'd have to go clean for like a month before fall break.

    Needless to say, I was fucking PISSED. I finally manage to get to sleep. The next day, my classes start at 9 AM, and I'm in class constantly until 4:30 PM.

    I get back to my room, and there's a message on my door that says, "Look under your pillow - signed, Anonymous."

    Sure enough, my Cup of Inspiration is under my pillow. I had slept on it last night.

    Turns out, my friends from my hall had tried to play a little joke on me, expecting I would find it under my pillow before I went to sleep. Needless to say, none of them smoke, so none of them know the pain of losing the stash. I had to use all my self-control not to pummel them.

    But I celebrated the return of the stash by smoking a bowl of my best shit. And all was right with the world.
  2. oh man, I would be pissed too, but thats pretty funny...
  3. oh buddy i got one for ya..... so, in schoole right, at the dorms mind u, ive been there for my freshman year for about 2 days now and somehow my good friend that moved into an appartment across town managed to find a dealer and send him up to my room the second god damn day i was there.... I'm at the dorms... now just immagine...

    Me: "man i wish i had some smoke.

    Roomate: (not a smoker) haha good luck buddy

    - Knock Knock Knock -

    Me: "who is it?"

    Dealer: "its me open up

    Me: "who the hell is me?"

    Dealer: "I'm looking for Jerry"

    Me: "Oh, ok.......?" - I'm jerry -

    ( I look at my roomate and shrug)

    Roomate: "fuck if i know"

    (roomate shrugs)

    (open door, dealer walks in)

    Dealer: "I hear someones looking for bud.."

    Me: COUGH - laugh - "Uh, yeah i am"

    Dealer: "cool someone in the elivator said u were. So what ya

    Me: " toss me a 100 if ya could"

    Dealer: " no prob"

    Me: "FUCKING SWEET they deliver"

    Dealer: "yup any time. see ya later"

    well needless to say i was baffled... later i found out that my friend just randomly asked these hippie looken guys in the elivator if they knew of anything, they said yup and he sent em to me..... WOO HOOO smoke time right off the bat at school..... yup well 2 days later the same guy was up in my room when i wasnt there and my dumb ass roomate let him in cause he said he had to grab something and he ran off with my stash............... wow i didnt see guy again for another 5 months.......... then i cought him leaving a class.... followed him.... watched him go to the cafateria set down his backpack and i just walked up grabed his pack and walked away..... scored myself a pimp ass I-pod mp3 player and all the kids books :p i know evil just begets more evil but damn that felt REAL good when it took place
  4. Those sound like bad aquaintances to me.. I don't believe i would let them back in my room again!!!!!
  5. hippies suggesting dealers, fuckin awesome:D
  6. wow two cool stories
  7. I never have over an eighth most of the time and when I do I keep close watch on it. But once I found out my friend had stolen 2 bowls from me as he was leaving my house. I grabbed him at the door, took him outside, pulled out my pipe, told him to give me my weed. We smoked 2 my two bowls right there. If he had wanted to blaze, he shoulda just asked :)

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