the stem is turning brown. please help.

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  1. I heard from a friend that if you clip the tip of the stem, two more will grow back in it's place. So it would be four leaves rather than the usual two. I did this once and it worked perfectly. The next set of leaves started to sprout and i clipped those too. It's probably been around four days now and it still hasn't grown in. The tip of where i cut it is now a light brown. Is it going to grow back?
    p.s. i water three times a day. it's an indoor plant. and it's at room temperature(it hasn't caused any problems yet)
  2. watering three times a day is WAY too much, it should be more like once every 3-5 days. cannabis needs to dry out between waterings, so you definitly have to change that!
    if you cut off the two new branches at the same height as you topped before, then you cut off all the bud sites in the area, its probably going to take a while to grow back from lower nodes. if thats the case, then youre pretty stupid ;D
    it is however normal that whenever you top a branch, the area gets stunted and wont grow noticably for a couple of days. 4 days dont mean shit.

    you need to be more patient in general.
  3. I cut the main stem halfway perfect. As long as there is 3 nodes still left when you cut of course. But yeah, watering 3 times a day is not good. Water til you get a bit of a runoff, then don't water again til the soil is just about dry. I actually wait til the plant starts drooping just a bit, not to where its affecting them, but slightly drooping. It's worked great for me...they perk up and plenty of new growth that next day
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    I wouldnt cut off half of the plant, that just seems like a waste of growing time.
    the new growth is definitly gonna kick off that way, since the total root surface will be much larger in proportion to the above ground parts of the plant. I believe it sets the grow back 1-2 weeks, which the plant will be spending growing above ground to match the roots. so it may look impressive, but thats just cuz your view is limited.
  5. The cutting you are talking about is called topping (or Fimming, depending on where you cut it). Google it, im too faded to explain it all. But let the plant recover before you cut it again.
  6. ive tried to space out waterings but if i'm a couple hours behind on when I usually water it, the plant starts to droop. This is my first time growing, so cut me some slack. It still hasn't sprouted from where the topping failed.
  7. a little bit of drooping is alright, but you shouldnt have to be right on the hour, sounds like you should transplant to a larger pot. how about you take a picture of that failed cut?
  8. water every 3 days till run off or so is where u should be. remember...dont over think and patience is ur biggest friend along with topping and lst method. red stickies are a must read
  9. my main bud site (and only one cuz it was a wee lil thing) got eaten by an unknown insect or some kinda wildlife since, i have hepled that problem.. but it was kinda mazing to see, to stay alive it created a whole new even stronger looking main shoot off to the side a bit, which worked out perkeft cut i LST'd so i have a lil bend in the stem already PRIOR to the bend, these things are very hearty, they will grow under extreme conditions..
  10.  4 days is nothing it may take a week and a half even before you see some growth. Also water til you get a bit of a runoff, then don't water again til you can stick your first two knuckles down and can not feel any moisture in the soil. Believe me if they were thirsty then will let you know because they will be extremely droopy and their leaves will feel limp and lifeless. Cannabis will also droop if you overwater them which it sounds like you are doing but instead of feeling limp and lifeless they will feel more firm. The number 1 beginner mistake I always see is overwatering.

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