The Stefan Molyneux Cult

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    For those of you who don't know, Stefan Molyneux is a YouTube video-blogger whose channel revolves around libertarian and right-leaning political / philosophical commentary.

    Let's just say - Stefan Molyneux is what happens when you put L. Ron Hubbard, Alex Jones and Richard Dawkins into a blender.

    What seems to creep me out the most is how he alternates the tone of his channel between political commentator .... and visionary, prophetic armchair psychologist who wants to help troubled, neglected youth .. and/or alleged victims of abusive parents.

    Even when he engages in Skype conversations with people who are dealing with emotional issues - he has a tendency to be carried away by needlessly going off topic and mixing in his ideas about the welfare state, the dangers of multiculturalism, etc.

    His viewers also have a tendency to take criticism of Molyneux.. very, very personally, to the point that they could potentially unfriend you on Facebook and deem you less than human.

    Freedom Domain radio : Online cult, profiting from the donations of vulnerable people with low-self esteem ..... or just another Red-pill-conspiracist channel?

    You decide.

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    I just stumbled upon this as well. I think this was featured on television. Not to say that the television is always a source of truth, but it just goes to show how a lot of people are noticing the same pattern:

  3. I personally think Stefan has some good ideas and commentary. Personally I haven't listened to him in a while, but that's only because I love listening to his shows whilst high.

    I don't really think he's got a cult thing going on
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  4. Just another person out there that I would put in the "false prophet" category. The Bible warns of us people like this in the last days....which we are most definitely in. You want prophecy and something to really get you to sit up and take notice, read up on the prophecies in the Bible from well over 2000 years ago that are coming true on a daily basis now. THAT gets my attention and impresses me. Some guy using big words and trying to convince me about his theories based on Socrates and George Orwell do not interest me. I will continue to follow the Bible which has outlasted this man and his ignorance along with many others along the way. The big problem is that we have way too many people in this world who have never been taught what is right and true and what is just a fallacy. TWW
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  5. He appears manic to me. He likely has psychological issues. This is not a comment on his ideas, but on him personally. Since he has the demeanor of a psychotic, it makes it difficult for me to watch or listen to him.

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