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The state of things in Central Florida

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xizora, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Things have been really tough since I moved to Central Florida last fall. I moved here and began waiting tables immediately. I figured my 420 interest would be back in working order in a matter of a few weeks (as it usually is when I move somewhere new). That was not the case. After 4 months of living here I finally found a steady source, but it only lasted 4 months and it ended abruptly and with no warning. My husband and I have no idea what happened, but with all the bust around here we are not trying to push the issue with this guy.

    As someone who has lived all over the country I have never had this problem. There is usually an understood unity among those of us who share this hobby. Of all those people around here that I have met, that do smoke, it is like some kind of competition to brag over who has the best and then shrug when others need help. Have these people forgotten what it is like to be new somewhere, or just not to have access? The worst part of all of this is that if this continues for much longer I will not stay here... what kind of place is this? This should be a 420 paradise, with the beach close enough to go regularly and with theme parks being the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day. So why am I having all these problems?

    The people that I have met through the restaurant industry who have access, have no intention of helping out those of us who are new around the area. However, these same people will tell you all about their supply and that is the worst kind of hell! What is with this fear of newcomers and these cliquish attitudes? I feel like I am back in high school. (except there I had access!)

    I have moved many times, to all kinds of different places and I have NEVER had this problem. One girl even told me that her friend did not want to meet new people so she couldn't help me. I guess people she doesn't have any idea what it feels like not to be able to participate. My husband has tried and tried to find someone too, but his search is as fruitless as mine. It makes him feel bad that he can't provide something that should be pretty basic.

    Central Florida is coming off as a very close minded and backwards place. I don't understand the mentality around here. Those few people have I have met that share this hobby have completely refused to help the new girl out! It is and very lonely and isolating feeling to know that the few "cool" people around here have no interest in helping out fellow smokers. How did THEY find people? And what kind of people smoke but have no desire to help out their fellow smokers?

    This website appears to have a group of people that are more like the people I am use to - People who know that everyone should have the right to safe access.

    My husband and I are both looking for new friends that have some common interest. If anyone can say anything to make me feel better about moving here I would be forever grateful!
  2. Hey, everything is gonna be ok. For real. Just try and live life as nicely as possible and dont worry about having bud or not. Better to be safe than sorry. So its good you aren't pushing the issue. Don't worry though, im in a bad place as well. everything will be alright
  3. dude... i moved to tallahassee a year ago and yeah people here are bitches the weed is straight dank like i picked up and eighth of mothers finest today but its over priced .... and simply i dont believe its worth the prices here and their so called "crippy" they brag continuously and its quite obnoxious they are stubborn .... I get bud from one dealer and hes never not answered my call and ive known him for six months no wait..... i wish the things could be the same for you but to be honest i hate living in florida it blows i want to move back to nc but i live with my parents .... so that blows
  4. jambo... it sounds like u and i have a lot in common.
  5. Im really sorry you have to go through that, especially in a place where bud is pretty plentiful, and there are some nice people. What part of CFL are you in?

    Oh, btw, just a little question - - - how much bud do you consume?
  6. I am just north of orlando.

    About a 1/4 a week between me and my husband
  7. Great shop! I bought a water pipe there... that i cant use. :(

    (I lived close by there for a few weeks when I moved down here)
  8. Have you ever hinted about bud?
  9. yeah I hint, others shrug
  10. what is the best time of day and how do i know who is cool?
  11. I was at the Pipe Dreams in Sanford. I guess that is why I had no luck.
  12. The sanford shop is where its at.
  13. yeah dude im in tally and i guess everyone is like that here if i had choice id be gone in a second id much rather not have to worry about bud and worry about real shit like i used to be able to in my old town when i could just walk to the pool and be asked to smoke a bowl and the next day or so return the favor its not like that here everyones a fiend and thats the way society specifically here puts them in ..... and their for they dont share .... but somehow ... i get by im sure you will to me and my old buddy's who i pretty much taught them everything already have a plan when i have enough cash but im just babblin cause im baked!
  14. I don't understand no helping each other out. I have lived all over and never have people be so strange about it.

    New Orleans post Katrina was actually the easiest place to find it for me.
  15. I'm from the Orlando area too. It does suck here. I can hardly ever get someone to come through for me. I think the overwhelming police presence around here just has everyone sketched out. I'm always more paranoid when enjoying the herb around here than I usually am anywhere else.

    I'm moving back to the Bay area next week though, thankfully.
  16. it sucks that u are moving next week. I coulda used a local friend. :(
  17. Yeah.. .what is the deal? are the police around here bored or something?

    Believe it or not Local Police don't usually bother me... but PLEASE GIVE IT A REST!
  18. Hey i go to school in tallahassee , and i would definately smoke you out if you came by my pool lol. But thats difference between people who grow to smoke and people who grow to sell, out here you can get in huge trouble for both that is part of the reason why the dealers are so shady. And the cops seem to be after weed like its the worst drug on the market almost never going after pill dealers which sell stuff that can truly be addicting and dangerous. I hate it but i also love it.
  19. thats some shit. They least they could do if their dealer doesnt want to meet you is be the middle man between you and them.

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