the state of popular music sucks!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by buttnoid, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. im so fucking tired of all these bullshit bands like good charolette passing themselfs off as punk when any person with half a brain knows what real punk rock is. long live the sex pistols, bad brains, black flag and the dead kennedys! im glad that a band like queens of the stone age is getting some mainstream success mabye it will wake up some people and show them what real music is like...

    well now im done ranting
  2. while i agree.... welcome to the state of the world. since music is a business, they're gonna pump what sells as far up the public's ass as it will go. for instance, every Nirvana spawns a dozen Nickelbacks.

    the best thing you can do is make your own music. with the internet, you can get the tools to record easily. i play from the headphone output on my amp to the line in input on the computer, requires a plug with a half-inch connector on both ends, the same end as a headphone set. once you've got that set, get Quartz Audiomaster Freeware or crack cooledit, and viola. instant home recording. there are many music sites you can publish on for free.

    i used to spend all my time complaining about the state of mainstream music, but, never before have independant musicians had the power they do. take advantage of it.

  3. your right but i just had to rant about something today because i was really pissed after i heard some terrible song on tv with an equaly bad video. the lyrics had no point is was just one mindless thought after another in atempt to have a vauge abstract feel to the song but it was just bullshit. i dont mean to sound like some annoying little kid but it just made me angry.
  4. i completely understand. make the world your own, man. vent your fustration, then make something new. you'll feel better
  5. [​IMG]

    'nuff said
  6. I'm with ya guys. Good thing the Pixies reunited.....
  7. yeah i totaly agree with you

    except when the sex pistols were alive and kickin they were so popular

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