The State Hates Competition

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  1. Former Executive Director of Liberty Dollar Charged in Federal Indictment

    "In violation of Federal law", eh? Is the Constitution still "Federal law"?

    Article 1 section 10: No state shall make anything but gold or silver coin a tender in payment of debts

    What do you guys think? Should they go to jail for 40+ years?
  2. long live the conspiracy
  3. I don't know about 40 years, but you certainly cant go around telling people a waffle is a pancake.
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    Who are you referring to, the Federal Reserve or the Liberty Mint? ;)

    The Federal Reserve gives out funny money and claims that it is legal tender (even though the Constitution explicitly states that only congress can coin money and it must be backed by gold and silver)... While the Liberty Mint gives out real money and does not claim it is legal tender (as the Fed has an illegal monopoly on that status).

    Liberty Dollar Disclaimer:
  5. yeah we sold our selves out in 1913, what I don't get is why there wasn't legislation to abolish the fed in the last 96 years. Where are the politicians with balls?
  6. If politicians were allowed balls marijuana would be legal by now :D When you sign up, your balls are removed.
  7. so do businesses?
  8. 40 years sounds excessive but a uniform currency is what keeps an economy structured. this can not be tolerated but constitutional lawyers.

  9. businesses can't send the competition to jail though

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