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  1. Hey all,

    I have decided to finally write all of my entries of a crazy summer love from my journal, and post them online. I don't know why i am doing it- but i feel like it lol

    Here is the first segment, if you want to keep up with the story then look here~

    well enjoy, and i hope you like it!

    Well where do i begin? I have about as much luck with women- as i do with going 4hatch pool in ZvT.

    My longest relationship was a whopping 2 weeks- and that was back in my junior year of high school (Now a Sophomore at UWOSH) It's not like i have a hard time talking to women, or being social. For that matter i am normally life of the party, and am an extreme extrovert. But i digress.

    The single life has always treated me well, i like to live life the way i want. Girls just have always just seemed to slow me down. But then something amazing happened. I met some (girls) two actually that i thought were beyond stellar. The mere thought of either would put a bit of serendipity into my normally dull and gray life.

    I met the first of the two while i was at high school. I ran cross country with her (and CC jokes aside) generally had a good time running for fun. However that was all to change in my junior year. Then she came onto the team. A little freshman, that was cute- and seemed nice. In the little sister kind of way (back off pedobear) I thought all was well and decided to finally start talking to this little thing of beauty. I had gotten quite entranced with her T.L.P (Tight Little Package- yes I am an *** man) running up to her one day, i started to talk- we talked. In between labored breaths, i joked and we carried on a conversation as best we could while running. Everything was going good, until the inevitable.

    She began dating the Capitan of the CC team. While on varsity myself, i had to deal with both of them on a constant basis- all the while trying very very hard not to show any emotion to her/him. All of this became drastically easier when for no reason, she began to despise any thought of me. I became nothing but a grotesque image to her, and she let me know her true feelings on a daily basis. Right now, the best thing i could do for her- was show up to CC practice in a body bag.

    Interestingly enough, i was (at the time) good friends with her older sister. CC girls older sister was a swimming prodigy, and a 4.0 student. (basically perfect0 I had on many occasions asked the older version why her little sister hated me so. I had never gotten a complete answer, and i had thought that over the summer- my burning desire to become closer friends with CC child would be long forgotten.

    Now i hold the best of all summer jobs, and beside the fact that i am very likely to get skin cancer from my chosen profession, i really do enjoy it. Lifeguarding is the ultimate job. I sit on my ***, while saving other peoples *** at the same time. Normally at my pool i am king of my castle. The guy life guards want to be me, and all of the girl life guards want to be liked/ asked out by me. (yes i know that i am coming off as an arrogant prick, but it's true- so please just bear with me) Needless to say, i almost decided to kill myself, when low and behold- CC child was working there too.

    I can sum up the summer of my senior year like this- ABSOLUTE HELL. CC child made it her mission in life to try and make me hold my head under the water until the bubbles stopped. However, something interesting happened- CC childes older sister (the Michael Phelps in girl form 4.0 student) left for college at the end of the summer. After this happened, CC child became much less charged, and i daresay bearable?

    Well- i went off to college, and i had completely forgotten about CC child, her TLP, her Fiery personality (yes i know that this is going to sound weeabo- but i'm serious, she is a clone of Asuka from Eva.) So hopefully i have kind of helped you to understand what type of personality i was dealing with. Needless to say, i had all but forgotten about her- untill the summer of 2008 rolled around.

    There i was sitting in the office at my life guarding job, when none other than Asuka walks in. I was expecting an immediate insult/punch/mental raping...... But it never came. For some reason CC child and me had some type of un-easy truce going. While i will admit that last summer was the summer of hell, i will never forget that all the while we were at each others throats- i never stopped loving every minuet of it. However now right in front of me, there she was. CC child. I hadn't seen- much less thought of her in over a year. She looked like the same girl i had left, but different. she had filled out- no doubt about that. Her brown eyes and long brown hair still sparkled in the sun and off the reflections of the dirty pool water. She was edgy, opinionated, smart and always had a chip on her shoulder. However standing before me now, she seemed so much different.

    For the first three weeks of the summer, i tried to avoid contact with CC girl for as long as possible. So far, no fights had started, no mean tricks were played- only the passing 'Hi'. However everything changed in a certain week of may. It was the end of the week, and the pool was mostly dead. I was talking over the mega horns to another lifeguard sitting across the pool. For some reason, we began to talk about great food. Of course i brought up the inevitable smore. I was talking about how i make extremely delicious smores, and that i had never had one better than mine. Upon hearing this, CC child started an actual conversation with me. She began to argue with me- that her smore were superior to mine. I wasn't about to take this lying down, because as far as i was concerned; Men have an advantage over women when cooking over an open flame.

    So as the day was winding down, and all of the lifeguards (myself included) were slowing walking back to the lifeguard office, CC child walked up to me. She began to continue our argument about who can create the best smores. I was almost speechless- here is a girl that hasn't gone out of her way to see me in over two years, now telling me to wait up- so she can tell me about smores. i was flabbergasted. So on our walk back, and many insults (about ones cooking prowess) aside, i decided to go balls to the wall- and ask her over to my place.

    She looked up at me for a second, slightly twisting her head, as her hair brushed past her perfect cheeks. Then she asked me, "Is this a challenge?" to which i responded- of course. Then she did the most incredible thing: SHE SAID SURE. One word. Just one word from her mouth made me feel like the luckiest man alive right there and then. Riding my ego high, i decided to go one step further- I told her to bring her swimming suit along as well. To which she replied 'sure.'

    Getting home that Friday was a blur. I don't remember anything, (i may have killed a cat or something) i would have had no idea. I was happy, this Saturday- i would have CC child over at my house, making smores and chilling in my hot tub. I awoke saturday to teach swimming lessons, and the whole day at work flew by. After getting back from work, i quickly shoved down a burrito and showered off all of my sunscreen- before the big event.

    8:00 rolled around too quickly- soon there was a knock at my door, and because i had the house to my self, was hoping that the night would just as i had planned. I opened the door, and low and behold- there she was. Pony tail and all- she looked perfect, in nothing but a t shirt and sweat pants. I said hi, and tried to get through all of the pleasantries- before leading her outside to my backyard and conversely the fire pit. I hadn't begun to create the fire yet- which i guess was a good idea, because she was a bit of a pyro. Trying to keep with my bear grills many-ness i created a perfect log cabin type of fire build.

    She had other ideas though, and swiftly took apart my log cabin in favor for her favorite: the tepee style. I conceded to her fire making choice, and putting my ego and manly outdoors-ness aside, also brought out the lighter fluid. After we had gotten out all of our pyro tenancies, and childhood burn stories- all was well. We had a crackling fire, that in a short while would make a wonderful smore making showdown arena. Deciding to kill a bit of time (because i was running out of things to say) i decided to present the idea of jumping around on my families trampoline. The T word was music to her ears, and exclaiming the fact that she adores these squeaky play devices quickly ran over with on.

    The view on the trampoline was amazing- gravity does amazing things, and watching her runner legs and *** propel her high into the air- was simply amazing. After a short while, we had grown tired, and ended up walking back to the fire pit / smore showdown arena. friendly insults ensued as we both began to place our marshmallows to the flames. I was concentrating on my marshmallow intently, we didn't make a sound. The only thing that i could here was the sweat dripping from my nose onto the ground- and the random cricket. Soon my marshmallow was complete. A nice and golden brown, but hers was more so. I was feeling a bit anxious because at this point i had noticed that she may have created a superior marshmallow. Putting my fears aside- i placed my creation onto a graham cracker and slid in a piece of chocolate. However this was not enough

    CC child had to one up- and she did in amazing fashion. She took the chocolate- placed it ever so carefully onto her marshmallow- then proceeded to precariously melt the chocolate on her marshmallow- by holding the contraption over the flame. I was in awe. She was out of my league- there was no way my smore could match hers. I felt worthless, and suddenly very cold. I was in the presence of a master. At this point, she took her chocolate encrusted marshmallow, and swiftly placed it in between to graham crackers- and with a smug look on her face, handed me the smore. I looked in awe at this creation, it was almost as lovely as her eyes in the firelight.

    I was snapped back to reality, when grabbing my smore- she said "This is what I get? THIS......THING?" I knew she was right- i was inferior. CC Child took a bite anyway, and through giggling told me that my smore sucked. I was QQ for awhile- until i decided to take a bite of her creation. Scathing comments were bubbling up inside of me, but were soon squelched by the orgasm that was building in my mouth. I couldn't stand it any longer- i shoved what was left of the smore into my face, and conceded that she was indeed the better smore warrior.

    After our rousing battle, she did something that only the most manner of people ever do- make more. She would make her perfections and while i was not chewing enthusiastically at her edible mona lisas- began to slide into easy conversation. We talked about college, life, our jobs, the weather, everything. For some reason we just clicked. As we changed and slid into the hot tub, our bellies full of sticky deliciousness- had asked her the question I had been waiting to ask all night.

    "Why the change of heart?" I asked why she had hated me so- and that now with her and her wonderful two piece here with me- just me and her. What had changed? She looked at me for a second- and with her wet hair clinging to her face, and the steam of the water wafting past her long beautiful neck, she told me this:

    "Well I guess i just grew up. Ben, back in those years- i hated the world. My parents loved my perfect sister more than me, she got more attention, she was a prodigy swimmer, did perfect in school- was popular, i just felt worthless. I was always in her shadow, and there was nothing i could do about it. I always felt that i was trying to compete with her, and i would always lose. I felt like nothing could go right. As you know- i had friends with all of the upper class men, and when they left- I didn't have any friends to call my own. I broke up with my boyfriend over the summer- and the few guy friends that i had left, all turned on me.

    The all wanted a romantic relationship with me. I wasn't ready, but they pushed the topic. I couldn't stand any of them. Before i realized it i was alone, no friends. Only boys that wanted to date me.

    I sat there stunned. I didn't know what to say- but i guess i said the right thing, because after that night- we became very very close friends.

    *The rest of the story will Follow, more coming!*

    Also for those of you that think this is made up, no it's not. I just cannot find the time to devote hours and hours to writing this in between going and keeping up with my class work on the week days. Hopefully on the week i will spend more time
  2. cool story, bro :cool:
  3. Here is part 2

    Part one can be found here
    Lazy Bear: The start of Something good?

    Ok moving on

    Well as the days moved on, me and CC became closer and closer friends. I can truly say that going to work was a becoming a joy, because i would get to see her. (wow I am sounding gay right now) None the less- life was great. As we became closer and closer friends, we just ended up doing all of these things together and for each other. Some examples; Because i was one of the first people at work (early morning swim lessons) I would always have the best pick of the lifeguarding chairs. Normally this is first come first served style of who gets what position. I guess everything started when i made it a point to make sure that CC got her favorite chair every day.

    On another note, sometimes when i would in from a break from my lifeguarding duties (ie saving minorities from drowning, returning missing children, and cleaning up bodily fluids ext ext.) I would find little goodies in my lunch box. One day it was cookies, another cheese cake (holyshitmyfavorite!) Also it was HOMEMADE (by her) and of course my favorite findings- blueberries and raspberries. The reason that i cite the berries as being my favorite is because of this little known fact- those are her favorite. the fact that she gave up something that was her favorite- from her own lunch box is freaking amazing.

    Needles to say everything was good. The girl that i had always had a soft spot for, who for years wanted nothing more than to see me dead, was now acting like my better half. Of course all of these shenanigans got the eye of my boss. my boss (who is really cool) knew from last year that CC hated me to the point of death. She saw this sudden change in relationship- and brought this to my attention.

    Me and my boss have a really good relationship- i go drinking with her, and generally outside of work we are very very good friends. Now when she comes to me and begins to tell me that CC looks like she is treating me more a crush than a friend shocked me. Now don't get me wrong- i would love nothing more than to get into a relationship with this girl. But (as usual for me some things were holding me back)

    Just recently my and CC had gone to a movie (The dark night) and when the movie had finished, we found our selves back at my place. Because i live close to a park- i decided that we should go for a midnight swing on the swing sets. So swinging away and looking at the stars, me and CC started to get into some heavy conversation. I will try and write a synopsis of what i remember- because we talked till 230 in the morning, and frankly i just cannot remember every little detail.

    CC (talking about her life ext ext- girls talk alot) basically was saying something to the effect of this:

    ' Ben i hate this place, i cannot wait for my senior year in high school to be over, and then i can go to a college far far away from here. Even with my sister gone (the Michael Phelps in girl form 4.0 perfection child)my parents still find a way worry about her more than me. When my mom isn't talking to her (CC's older sister) she will worry about our new dog. Christ- it feels like she cares for the dog more than me at times.

    Whats worse is that my good guy friend (This guy friend is a mutual friend of ours, he runs CC and is in the grade above CC child. Therefore he will be leaving for his freshman year of college shortly. We will call him frank.) Frank did something crazy. Well i had always new that he liked me, but i had hoped that we could just be friends. well today- while we were getting some lunch, he pretty much spilled his heart out. I had to turn him down, but i don't know why. Frank is a great guy, his family is really nice, he is smart and good looking. Idk

    Then CC child drops the bomb- "Ben don't ever turn on me."

    *Interlude into my brain for a second*

    *At his point I am like SHIT FUCK CUNT!!! friend zoned NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What could I do? What could i say? I had to try and fight back- I am not going to take this sitting down, hell i never take anything sitting down. AHHHHHHHHHH Words were escaping me, i couldn't believe this was happening to me- how could this happen? I had to think of something fast- so i did.*

    *End Mind interlude here*

    So i said "Don't worry about it- I will always be here for you."

    *Interlude into my brain again*

    *Ben what did you just say? WHAT YOU JUST FELL FOR THAT??? Christ- i wanted to walk around the rest of the night with a big post-it on my head with the words "Pussy" Etched deep deep into the yellow paper.*

    *End Mind Interlude*

    So that was that. Minus the few other topics we covered in the night (all fairly deep- basically the "you tell me your stories, ill tell you mine BS) Afterwards i felt numb (and it wasn't because of the cold) Perhaps CC really didn't like me the way i thought. Perhaps all of those flirty encounters were just in my imagination? I couldn't be sure. I couldn't sleep that night because i had something else to dread (beside the fact that the girl of my dreams just chopped my dick and balls off.) I had to go to another pool.

    Yep that's right, some stupid higher up in the City thought that the pool staff should flip flop all over the place, so every one can meet everyone. That way you just don't become familiar with your original pool. The next morning was a morning of death. I woke up and cried (because i have to work at a shitty pool, not because of CC. I'm not that gay.), tripped over my dog and stumbled into the shower.

    The pool that i had to work all day at- was the pool of my nightmares. Where i normally work, I am top shit. Head life guard, the bosses love me, the co-workers love me- and even the pool rats (people that come every day no matter what the weather, or how sick they are) all enjoy and respect my lifeguard-ness. However today this was all going to change. I was going to a pool where the boss hated me, and made sure the i knew that i was never going to get on her good side- and thusly would have to spend the rest of my life living on her shit side.

    As i parked my car and shuffled into the pool- something caught my eye. Because i no longer cared about furthering my relationship with CC- i figured that it was high time i start looking for another summer fling. Low and behold, luck was on my side. These she was, dripping wet, fresh out of the pool from swimming our weekly laps (required by state law) Her one piece clung to her slim figure, and as she slowly raised her hands to her swim cap, she slowly began to peal it off. Not only was she well endowed- but she had two other important features. Blond hair, and blue eyes.

    I have no idea why i like Aryans so much- i don't think that they are superior or anything, perhaps it's because i have the same hair and eyes that makes me like them in the opposite sex? Who knows. Anyway back on topic here, her light straw colored hair loosely fell from here head, stopping just above the shoulders. I think that she may have caught me eye raping her- so i looked as non creeper as possible and said 'Hi' (good move Ben)

    I had to meet this girl. Even though i have been working at the pools for 3years- i have never seen her before. I had a day of lifeguarding to try and get something started, because i had no idea if i would ever see here again.

    ***More to come- Im just getting cerebral palsy here from writing all of this stuff**
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    Pic related, it's me when I was scrolling down this thread.
  6. Cool story bro
  7. here is part three! you can find the other parts here:

    Lazy Bear

    The start of something good Part 3 !
    As the day started that day, i tried to have my lifeguard rotation follow hers- or at the very least have our break together. Sadly none of the above happened, and i was stuck looking at her golden hair from afar. I feel bad for everyone that was swimming in my area, because i was far to distracted with her- than to worry about your worthless lives. Luckily no one died.

    The whole time i was sitting on my chair, i was trying to think of a plan to hang out with her, without sounding like a creeper. About halfway through the day- i thought of it.

    *My house is located by some woods, and is actually quite nice. We also have a fire pit and hottub, and a trampoline (that i had to buy: Parents are cheep)*

    So i was thinking about what i can offer people as far as a good time goes, and i thought of the most obvious. SOMRE'S. So now that the easy part was over (thinking of the idea) i now had to find a way to ask her. So once again (drowning children aside) I now had to created a way for me to pitch this idea to her- without sounding like a rapist. So i devised a plan- lie.

    Now normally i like to shoot straight from the hip, i don't tell lies, i'm not politicaly correct, i don't beat around the bush. I'm blunt. So lying is not normally part of my game. But today i felt lucky, and like a bad *** (no i have no idea why.) So i started to befriend some of the lifeguards that were on rotation with me.

    Luckily they were both girls, and because girls gossip and talk non stop- spreading the word worked better than i had hoped. I basically threw out that i was having a smore/hottub palooza at my place, and suddenly everyone was jumping in line. Now i could care less about everyone that was coming, i only cared for the one that had yet to ask me/me ask her if she would give me the pleasure of her company.

    Near the end of the day, me and by a stroke of luck- Blondie and I were the only two stacking chairs. I new that it was now or never, and the thought of entertaining people for the night- with no profit on my end was not very, shall we say- entertaining? So there we were, her hair pulled back in a short pony tail- and me (looking retarded) I said some stupid joke, which got her to giggle, and i guess i took things from there. I don't remember exactly what i had said, but i know for sure that it was something to the effect of "I would surely enjoy your enchanting presence- and besides, I always want the girl to guy ratio in my favor lol lol...... (ya you get it)

    So then, she said "give me a sec, i need to make sure i can go." At the end of night duties, she walked up to me and said, and that it would be fine. BUT (she lived on the other side of town from me, so she asked if she could follow me home.) At this point, i new that something was happening- how could i get so lucky? Screw everyone else. Nothing could ruin this day (i would eat those words in 20min) at this point, all was good. VERY GOOD.

    We had a long walk to the parking lot, and we exchanged pleasantries, small talk- jokes, and her pretty laughter. Blondie stands to about my chest so she is about 5'4 /5'3. She has a wonderful curvy body, not stick thin- however certainly not chunky. She has pretty blue eyes, and a freaking amazing ***. This is the girl that is walking next to me. However i am not the type to be throw astray with looks alone. I need someone to interest my mind, and my *****. Not one or the other. Both. It is defiantly harder to impress me with mind games, instead of looks. Looks are cheap, minds are deep and exiting.

    Walking to the car, i had her jump through a number of hoops (figuratively speaking) I made jokes, and interesting comments- that normally would fly over the heads of your average airhead girls. But Blondie was different. She actually giggled- and to top it off, threw me a quip that i actually had to think about. I new we had a winner. We clicked, and i had only been walking with her for 5 minuets.

    Arriving at our cars (which were conveniently parked next to each other) My cell phone began to ring, and little did i know this was the beginning of the end. (or so i thought)I Answered the phone and it was none other than my mother. She needed to have my drop my car off- at some place, that she "didn't know exactly the correct rout to get there- but gave me a general idea."

    Great i thought. What could go wrong? With my man instincts i will find this place, and never get lost. After explaining the situation to Blondie- who didn't seem to mind at all, we headed out. Driving to this imaginary place, i was alone in my car with my thoughts to my self. I needed to find this place quickly and get this night back on track. That didn't happen. Long story short, i did get confused as to where my mother would like me to drop the car off, and we ended up driving around downtown for 20 min.

    After i had finally dropped my car off, and how blondie was driving me back to my place- i though the night would be over. What kind of girl would put up with the **** i had accidentally just thrown at her? I was expecting a bad mood to say the least- but she started to giggle at me. "You are very funny when your frustrated. You make me laugh/ entertain me." Were the things that came out of her pretty mouth. The ride back to my house, was not nearly as bad as i would have thought. I guess that we both laughed it off, and by the time we had made it back to my place me and blondie had gotten into some more serious discussion.

    That was all about to end. Back at my house, about 7 other lifeguards were present. Eagerly awaiting smores and hottub time. Sadly i had to relinquish my new found obsession- and entertain the fools. The night passed by quickly. Smore making was about as elegant as chimps playing violin, and besides a few laughs and some glances, me and blondie really didn't have a chance to continue our intriguing car conversations.

    The night was slowly wearing down, and everyone decided to go hot tubing. I was almost looking forward to this part, because i would have thought that Blondie and me would be able to talk a bit more between ourselves. Once again however, the other chumps that were over at my place- did well to keep me busy. the one good side however, was the Blondie decided to sit right next to me. I couldn't keep my eyes off of here. Where normally she was talkative and outspoken to me, she quieted down significantly when we were with the group.

    This intrigued me more so than i hope i let on. Near midnight, my Patience was finally rewarded. Everyone had left- or was about to leave. Me and Blondie were the only ones left. She looked at me with here deep blues and said "hey do you mind if i stay awhile longer?" Did she really just ask me this? I almost did a back flip out of the pool. Of course she could stay longer.

    Finally after everything had died down, me and Blondie were truly the only ones in the vicinity. We were sitting, eyes to the sky looking at the summer night. It was pretty, I'm not going to lie. The steam rolled around us, and pretty soon she started up some interesting conversation.

    "Ben, it feels like i have known you for a long time- you seem like a good friend. I know that this must sound really creepy, but i don't know- it just feels weird like that."

    *My Brain Thoughts*

    What!!!!! WOOT ben you are the ****- it's gg no re. You have her! She will want your number, and she will want to talk to you more! Mission accomplished.

    *End thoughts*

    Me: "Surprisingly i get that a lot lol"

    Basically that was the main jist of our 15min conversation under the stars. We both decided to get out, and me being the gentleman, handed her her cute towel- and showed her to the door. Waiting for her to change, i thought that the night had gone perfectly. I may have just met the girl of my dreams- possibly someone that could even top CC.

    Walking out the bathroom Blondies hair was once again pulled into a cut pony tail- she looked at me and said, i'm almost as bad with directions as you are. Could you show me how to get to the highway? This wasn't much of a problem for me, as i was writing down the directions on a piece of paper- the typical happened. Her phone rang. I was listening to the conversation, and found out that it was her boyfriend.

    Friends- that is all we will ever be (but i had to try at least)
    end- the end of our short relationship.

    So after her quick kiss kiss to her man stud, i somehow steered the conversation topic about him. What i found out is that Blondie has been dating this boy for 4 years.

    *Now normally boyfriends don't stop me. I try and get what i want. But i wasn't going to try and kid myself- 4 years is a long time. That is serious.*

    Standing in my foyer- i almost wanted to cry. There was this girl, who had come from nowhere- into my life, and was truly amazing. And now i realize that i probably don't have a chance to be with her. As we said good by, she came in for a hug.

    NO it wasn't a side hug. WE are talking a full on bear hug here. I was quite surprised and taken back from this. (I would find out later that she sensed this and thought that she had blown it. But that is for a later time)

    Needless to say, i stammered out- "Oh a hug" Sometimes i just have to tell you, i have a ****ing way with words. We said our goodbyes and that was the end of the night. As i walked up stairs, i could only thing of one thing. How hopeless i am with women.

    *More to Come*
  8. Radical Storys brooooo
  9. Sorry to tell you, but thats way to much time to read for everyone here big guy.:wave:
  10. Hey guys here is part four, you can find the rest of part four, and all the other parts here

    Lazy Bear: The start of something good part 4!

    The start of something good part 4!

    After an ego deflating evening at my house, i was less than joyous to begin my day, early- teaching little brats to not drown. It's days like this that some times i just want to hold those little bundles of joy under, till the bubbles stop.

    Arriving at work, i looked up at the white board and noticed something. The City wide lifeguard competition. I had almost forgotten. Basically the LG comp is a way for all of the lifeguards who were on swim team to go and strut their stuff to their bosses, and show that they kick ass at saving minorities. Me being the egotistical bastard that i am, had to sign up. As i went and found the sign up sheet- something grabbed me. My name was already on the "varsity team" right below CC.

    I had to stop for a second. I didn't have to work yesterday, and I was fairly certain that CC did. So she signed up, and i guess that she new that i also had been on swim team as a kid. But here is the catch. One of the events is called the "rescue tube tow race" Basically the best way i can describe this to you is this way: All of you should know what a swimming noodle looks like. The long things yada yada... Anyway Lifeguards have pretty much the same thing, only ours look more professional, and less kiddy walmarty. OK so imagine yourself standing in a pool. The noodle is under your arm pits, and you are grabbing someone from behind. You hold your "victim" from underneath their armpits. Now to "swim them to safty" the only way you can do so, is if you begin to slide on your back, and kick with your legs.

    Hopefully that can kind of give you an idea of what i am talking about here. Basically you get really really personal with your victim. Normally you can keep some level of comfort- but when you are racing and kicking as hard as you can- well you get the idea. What is weird here is that CC had signed herself and me up for this event. I had no idea why- my boss (the one who likes me and works at my pool) has had many conversations with me about CC. She has told me that while CC has said things to the effect of REALLY enjoying my company, she doesn't find me physically attractive. (Basically we are talking about some grade A+ Friend zone material here)

    You see the thing about the F-zone is that it is a black hole. Once you are in, you cannot escape it. It sucks everything into it. I pity the man that does not foresee the inevitable and try's to purse a romantic relationship. If you are dumb enough to try something the following will happen: (in no particular order)
    -loss of testosterone
    -becoming a bitch slave to her
    -spending more and more money
    -spending more and more time
    -spending more and more time crying
    -spending more and more time wishing

    Ya you get the point. Basically looking at the above from an investment point of view you put a lot in- and get no return. It is the bane of men this friend zone.

    Well it just so happens that with my luck, i am very very well versed at what constitutes friend zone status. I was not in it. CC and i had something between us. I made very sure that i was not sugarcoating some BS. I new this for a genuine fact. I just couldn't prove it. (now your all thinking, lol misrah is a delusional boy in F-zone LOL) but before you write this off- i beg of you keep going! because well just because.

    Anyway, at that day at work CC wasn't working- so the day was rather bland. The only really kicker was near the end of the day, our boss gave the staff announcement about the LG comp- and how in 3 days there was going to be a practice session that was mandatory for the "varsity" squad. So with that on my plate, i tried to go through the rest of the few days by laying low. I didn't know where i stood with Blondie or CC, or at least not yet.
  11. Why do you keep posting these when people keep bashing you? No offense, and I think this should be in the relationships section.
  12. [​IMG]

    Cool story braaaaaaa
  13. here is part 5 get the other half, and the rest here:

    So there i was sitting on my now soaking towel, listening to one of the city's bureaucrats tell all of the city lifeguard teams about the practice schedule for tonight, strategies ext ext. I had created a plan, looking over my shoulder, CC was sitting there, brown hair clinging in her face smiling at me. Looking back across our little powwow, Blondie was standing just a bit away. I had to try and make this work. Both girls wanted me in the F-zone, but didn't act like it. I had to try and convince one of them that i was worth it.

    The plan? Use Blondie to make CC jealous, and go from there.

    I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts as CC jumped up, and grabbing my arm began to drag/pull me towards our first event. I had to swim, jump pretty much do everything to try and make the city look good. I really didn't get a chance to talk to CC or Blondie, because we were either practicing or at different ends of the pool. Then finally the moment came, me and CC had our big even togeather. As we were crouched by the side of the pool in the ready position, i noticed that all 3 of the other pools were sporting guy+guy teams while me and CC were the only Girl+guy team. I was hoping that we could win. I knew that it was just practice but hey, i am just competitive like that.

    With a sound of a whistle we were off. With the rescue tube race, one person is on the bottom, the other on the top. Once you swim 25 yards you switch positions, and race back. Well i was on the top first. Me and CC defiantly were (how do i say this, close?) I mean for Christ sake, she is pretty much spooning with me, and on the way back i will be returning the favor. Anyway, i really didn't think too much about the race, my mind was preoccupied by far more important things. Those things mainly being the hot girl lifeguard right below me. As me and CC reached the 25yard mark, we made our switch and then i was the "lifesaver" on the bottom. Kick off as hard as i could, me and CC began the hard swim back. I only noticed that we were WAY in first when me and CC were about 15ft from the wall. Once we finished, CC and I let out a phelpsish scream/hug thing. It was hot. There was my girl (and me) yelling our lungs out in the night air, acting like complete fools- but i didn't care less. We had just kicked some massive ***. You know that your girl is a keeper when she likes winning as much as you do, and is physically fit enough to win lol. Luckily for me, CC was both.

    That was the highlight of the night, as far as sporting events were concerned. However the night was far from over for me. In between some of the practice events, i was swimming in the diving well. The night had gotten colder, and considering that my nipples could cut glass- and was experiencing shrinkage, decided to go back into the deliciously warm water. As i was minding my own business, treading water and generally trying to stay warm, i felt something brush my legs. I quickly looked down, and saw a tight little but, with blond hair swimming about 5ft below me. As this mermaid of the pool surfaced, it was none other than blondie. Brushing the water out of her eyes, she had greeted me with a huge grin, and asked how i was.

    What could i say? I was good. Very good. I began to talk/flirt with blondie, not really thinking about what i was doing. I dropped my game for a second, and it cost me. After me and blondie had gotten done talking, about how cold it was- Lifeguard competition ext. She suddenly was called by her LG team and had to go. Here is where the trouble starts. A boy lifeguard from my pool, who i am kind of friends with, had decided to come over halfway into me and blondies conversation, and now that me and him were alone, asked me a question that i wish i would have never answered.

    I was giving him the long version, and unbeknown to me CC was chilling in the water within hearing distance of me and my guy friend. From what i gathered she heard every word. Every word. Everything. I said it all, how me and Blondie met, the hug, the great conversations- but i left out the "she has a bf" part- because hey lets face it, I want to sound like top ****. I thought everything was cool, and good until the inevitable. As we were wrapping up practice for the night, me and CC were once again sitting on my towel (she didn't want to get her's wet) and Blondie walked by. Of course i really couldn't blame this on blondie because she had no idea who CC even was. Basically this is the culmination of the evening. Everything from this point goes downhill- fast.

  14. Dude fuck off. I've read every part and really enjoying it.
  15. When do you smoke weed? or buy it or something?
  16. good thread, really interesting story. (Don't mind the haters).
  17. ya man this is really entertaining, can't wait for the rest :)
  18. Give me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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