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The Start Of Something Good

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, in teasing mode today.....thought I'd show you All the beginnings of a cherry.

    Does anyone else have fruits trees in their yards? We have the cherry tree that I'll take pics of every week till we pick them and make what we All love....cherry pies. Plus we have two plum trees a apple tree and last but not least the pear tree. I love Spring and All it brings to us.

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  2. HIGH All, that pic was last is todays pic.

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  3. HIGH All, and the whole tree. Going out now and suck up the rays and of coarse take more pics.

    Have A Great Day All.

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  4. OK. Now I'll have to go take some pictures! We trimmed our apple tree and it looks funny, now. At least there won't be as many apples and bees this summer.
  5. This only tells me winter is coming my way ,lol.:D

    great pics mate ,mmmmmm,cherries.
  6. how long did it took for the tree to give u fruit Uniot...

    we got, bananas, lemon, mandarine, peach, guayava, mango(not giveing fruit, is only 3 years i think) tamarindo, sugar canes, mamones, a lot of tropical trees here...

    maybe i will plant a black cherry tree, and orange tree.. i had 4 orange seedling, but my grama killed them, she got the old timers, so she really dont know what she doing, and she forgets a lot... we use to have more tropical fruit plants, but gave them to our other family....

    i never knew cherry had white flowers.. looks great...
  7. My first tulip

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  8. Finally the apple blossom

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  9. HIGH All, the tree has been giving us cherries for 10 or so years now. All those trees in your yard 420 Shade?

    Yes Luke the best munchies.

    Hey stonie jo bee's are the best pollinators...the more bee's the more fruit. Nice pic of your apple blossem..ours are just opening.

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  10. Beautiful pictures mate. You've got a great camera hand. ;)
  11. What a beautiful tree.I don't really do alot in my garden but I think I will now.
  12. i have a crab apple tree in my yard, it's has really nice pink flowers on it. just waiting for it to start blooming. nice pics guys! i love fruit trees. the flowers on them are always so pretty. i've gotten someone to come in and landscape my yard for me and i want more fruit trees around. i love spring!
  13. this is my back yard.

    im sure there is a cherry tree in there sumwhere.

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  14. HIGH All, nice backyard froggy.....well the flowers have droped and the Cherries have started. Going to be another good Cherry year here on The WET Coast.

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  15. UNOIT, I did the same thing today!!
    Are we thinkin' the same or what?!

    My blossoms are now little apples. There's some really weird ones growin, too!! Like 3 in 1!

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  16. Thats it ,rub it in :D

    3 degs outside and winter is nearly here.

    Did l ever tell ya how much l hate the cold ??
  17. Sorry Critter - but it's my turn!! Well, OUR turn!! Just remember the image of me in a bikini in the snow!! We did laugh about that once, didn't we? Well, these days the bikini part would probly be the funniest part of all!!
  18. Tommy after a hard nite...

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  19. My blackberries are bloomin'.......

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  20. HIGH All, *LOL* looks happy.....bikini's in the snow....where was I!!!!!

    It wasn't to long ago critters you were rubbing in your 90+ degree weather...

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