The start of my zombie survival story.

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  1. Brains and other fractions of a rotting cranium spattered on the walls behind me like a derranged artist flinging paint at his canvas. This was the 7th one today, and it was only 11am.

    The great fire that spread thorghout the world 10 years ago and brought it to its knees, was not atomic, economic or extraterrstrial, no this was far worse.
    This fire was made up of damned souls, the undead, infected, re-animated or in laymans terms zombies. They were created by our own "saviours" the same people who were supposedly creating vaxines and medical supplies to help humaity thrive during it's technological pinnacle.

    Some said too much knowlage would be the downfall of humanity, but they probably never considered that knowlage would be sold to them as "the latest medical miracle".

    The reason I was painting with body parts at 11am was simple, I made a choice. Eariler that morning I awoke in my sleeping bag in the small,damp fortress I had created out of an old public toilet. The walls were strong, there was no windows and the door was made from thick medal with a chunky padlock on. I also had a great luxury others can rarely afford in todays world, a working toilet.

    Unfortunately when I awoke on this dark, depressive morning the greatest luxury in my life was also the greatest danger to it. It appeard that during my sleep the thing decided to spontainiously leak, only slightly, but enough to cause a respiratory infection by the time I woke up.

    I was no doctor, and infact havn't met one for about 8 years now, but I knew this would be the end of me unless I risked my life to locate some antibiotics.
    Fortunately, only a block or two from my infectious fortress was a great white monstrosity that dominated the skyline, a local supermarket fittingly named SafeWay. Unfortunately, the only thing safe about it was the fact it had a pharmacy hidden in the back, with the remaining drugs that had not yet been looted stored away in a locked cabinet.
    I know becasue I tried to access it before, when a friend was seriously ill with a life threatening condition. I did not succeed in that attempt.

    The reason for my previous failure should be obvious. Supermarkets are the first stop for all sorts of prospectors, even 10 years after they stopped getting stock delivered. Their rapid expansion during the last age of humanity meant that they where everywhere, and no matter how many prospectors loot all they can find, there will most likely be somthing else left for someone with a sharper eye. Or a bigger gun. Ontop of that, the large amount of living flesh there also drew the attention of the real trouble.

    So with that in mind, I assmbled my rusting 12 guage sitting on the toilet and headed out to penitrate the fortress known as SafeWay. Walking slowly down the center of the street I realised that although now looking old and decrepid, most buildings still seem to be standing, creating an errily dramatic and ominus atmosphere. Helped by the fact that most of the arcitecture were classic 18th or 19th century designs, with dramatic arches, huge doorways and sometimes even the odd statue built in to the side.

    The cold mist felt like a fire in my lungs as I drew large breaths due to the stress of traveling thorugh such dangerous streets, even though they appeared lifeless. But as the car park of my destination came into view, breathing became temporarily easier. Untill I spotted a small moving shape on the roof, most likely a sniper protecting his gangs' looting spree on the inside. This would pose a problem.

    The second I spotted him I dashed to the side of the street, which was directly opposite the enterance of the store. Taking cover behind a dumpster that smelled worse that the undead.
    I needed a plan, and this plan had to involve entering the store, without getting sniped, and then somehow retreiving the drugs I need without alerting the other prospectors inside. I had about 500 yards of car park to cross with no cover and then a door to walk through into a room filled with people who would shoot me at first sight. Not the ideal situation.

    I wallowed in dispair for several seconds before I looked to the other side of the street and noticed a SafeWay delivery truck parked with the door open. I took my chance when the sniper was distracted by a group of about 6 undead stupidly marching across the car park to get their feed, unknowing that they would be sniped one by one in several seconds.
    Sprinting across the street immideately after the first shot, I dived into the truck.
  2. Pretty good so far.

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