The start of an awakening?

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  1. Saw this article today, honestly some of the best news I have read on an MSM site in a long time. It is a baby step but it is in the right direction.

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    I said it before, and Ill say it again.

    If things keep up the way they are, by 2016, either there will be a new American Revolution, or we are beyond hope, and will become The Glorious Nation of Amerikhastan.

    So lets hope people are finally saying enough is enough, and keep pushing back. Because even though a revolution could get us on the right track, its still not desirable.
  3. The elite have become of aware of the fact that their illusion cannot be maintained much longer in its current state. They will lure the public into a false sense of security by first building up the issue more and then proposing their own solutions. They will use controlled opposition to make the public feel as though real change is happening when they are instead advancing their own causes under a new banner. Their sleight of hand may fail if the public is vigilant and aware of the truth behind their government, but this will most likely be a success for the elite, as they control the vast majority of media and can essentially program the masses who do not seek to think for themselves. The elite know their plan can only work if the public is willing, unwittingly contributing to their own suffering and abuse. This is why they will use false revolution, prophetic figures who are funded by the elite, and economic instability along with PSYOPS to carry out their agenda. 

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