The Stars.

Discussion in 'General' started by Jack_Herrer, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. when you get baked do you ever look at the satrs. it so awsome. i just think about how they're galaxys really far away. and that that there are a shit load of planets like our's out there. after that i stay glued to the sky. if i'm indoors looking out my window for a long time people walk by staring at me like i'm an idiot.
  2. might be a lil more than thousands of miles =P

    but yea stars are great. meteor showers are really fun stoned =P
    basically anything in the natural world is really great to look at high
  3. I love astronomy, and I always trip out on the sky when I smoke outside (unless it's cloudy, of course).

    I had a lot of stuff typed out, but I'll keep it simple...
  4. today at sunset the sky was deep blue but the clouds were bright orange but unfortunately i couldn't smoke. it tripped me out sober though
  5. Coming sky attractions for mid-April to mid-May....we will have 2 visible comets in the night skies. Check it out.

    Those not in the western'll have to check your locations.....

    Take the lawn chair, pipe, weed, binocular, and your favorite drink and let the heavens dance the night away!

    Toke On
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot about those. That'll be sweet, the first time seeing a comet with my telescope.

    I celebrate the anniversary of the first time I smoked, October 27. Anyway, I found out that this year on that date, there will be a total lunar eclipse visible from North America. If that's not cause to smoke, I dunno what is... and it better not be cloudy, damnit!

  7. tahts great stuff!! I love watching the stars at night...cant wait till its a lil warmer to take it all in without freezing yer ass off!

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