The STANKIEST weed you ever had?

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  1. I just got mine right now.

    This shit is double bagged, and in my dresser under socks and shit and my whole room still reeks of dank.. I love it. Its just some Montreal homegrown, no serious big name or nothin. Still have yet to smoke it but with a smell that strong I definitely can't go wrong.

    What was your strongest smelling weed?
  2. sounds dank as bawls you should pic that shit i wanna see this double bubble trouble..

    and as my strongest smelling pot i really dont know ive gotten stoned alot over the past 6 years soo i dont know man...
  3. Skunk number one, it just reeked so bad!
    nothing has topped it yet.
  4. When I first started toking, my friend gave me not even .3 Gs of the dankest stuff I've smoked in my entire life (he was the best hook-up I ever had, but quit shortly after I started :( ) But anyways, when I opened the mason jar he gave me, it smelled up my room in under 10 seconds. Got pretty high off of it too
  5. I got some dutch treat right now that is stanky as hell! As soon as you open the jar my whole room reeks like crazy but idk if its THE stankiest I ever had prob. top 10 though.
  6. The stinkiest weed ive had was some really dank jack herrer, but it actually wasn't the BEST I've had. That was some blueberry haze.. I've found that dankness (density) is more important than smell; although the amount of trichomes seems to be the most dominant trait in buds
  7. Yeah I had a few G's of some new kush hybrid that smelled so much as soon as you open the jar everything within 10 yards had that smell. I could smell it through the pill bottle I put it in for portableness too.
  8. super skunk
  9. Just smoked my new pick-up for the first time like 5 minutes ago..

    3 one-hitters and im GONE. this shit is nice too, little nug breaks up into a lot of weed. very dense.. grower knew what he was doin.
  10. Yea I have to agree with Dmobs, Super Skunk is some of the most stank strains. Also not a bad smoke. Cat Piss is also pretty pungent.. my favorite would have to be stawberry Skunk @ Dreamy collective in the SF Bay area.
  11. one time a skunk died under my bay window and stunk up my whole yard and it even leaked into the house. i loved it.
  12. Blue cheese x blueberry or something I was really high and I remember it smelled like no other weed
  13. [quote name='"Rebel Eye"']one time a skunk died under my bay window and stunk up my whole yard and it even leaked into the house. i loved it.[/quote]

    Hahahaha , idk if you're being sarcastic but when I smell skunks I almost enjoy it because it smells like bomb herb.. Pretty funny
  14. it was my first pick up. i didnt know the name. i didnt have anything to transport my weed in at the time but i had a single gram in my car with the windows and sunroof open and if i stopped for even like a second the whole car reeked of dank...
  15. havent gotten my hands on any of those skunk strains yet.. i envy you guys for that, but ive had some sour diesel that stunk like a skunk orgy.
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    One was Purple Urkle. I had it for like a week or two and everytime I smoked it my mom could smell it and she NEVER smells shit. It smell was really strong.

    The other was Strawberry Kush. I bought some in the 8th grade and it fuckin reeked. My friend and I had to keep switching off holding it so we wouldn't get caught up. When I was in my last period this kid walked past me and then he turned around and whispered to me "you smell REALLY bad. Like really. I could smell it all the way across the room. Its hella burnt." The funny thing was I hardly talked to that kid and I didn't know he smoked.

    Oh yea and I got this strain called Gucci once. It reeked so bad I could smell it on my friend through the bag in her bra when she brought it to me. It reeked up my whole house within minutes and it was only a gram in a bad in a bra lol. If you've never smoked it, you should, and the smell makes you want to shove the nigds up your nose so you can smell it forever lol

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