The Spy Factory details NSA's failure to share pre 9/11 intel and more.

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  1. We all know that prior to Sept. 11, 2001, US intelligence agencies failed to "share" intelligence data with other government LEO agencies such as the CIA and FBI. Recently Nova aired an episode called, "The Spy Factory", which is an extension of James Banford's book, The Shadow Factory, and has shed new light into what exactly the NSA failed to share and how it may have helped law enforcement investigations prior to Sept. 11.

    As some of you know the NSA was monitoring Osama bin Laden's satellite phone for many years as he communicated from Afghanistan to his telecommunications headquarters in Yemen. From monitoring his phone conversations, the NSA was able to pinpoint exactly who he was talking to. Now who do you think would be interested in what bin Laden was saying? The CIA of course. Michael Scheuer, author of Imperial Hubris, was the CIA's top agent at the newly formed bin Laden unit aka Alec Station. Now the NSA refused to give the CIA and Scheuer the transcripts of bin Laden's phone conversations since it is their policy to never share raw data. This is just one example.

    What good is it if we can intercept actionable intelligence but do nothing about it or share it? The NSA have no arresting/authority powers like the FBI does.

    I highly encourage any of you interested to watch the documentary as it goes into much more detail than this single post can.

    If you do watch it, there's an interesting section that details how the NSA was tracking a Sept. 11 hijacker as he entered the US, his movements withing the US, his banking records and telephone conversations with bin Laden but failed to alert the FBI. There were even two CIA agents from Alec Station who wanted to alert the FBI but were prevented from doing so for bureaucratic reasons.
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  3. It's incredible to me that the 9/11 commission failed to investigate many issues and yet I'll hear people refer to the 9/11 Report as gospel. If you take a look at the lineup of the commission I guess it's actually not that hard to believe. Michael Scheuer does make a comment on how the 9/11 commission never investigated this subject as well.

  4. It was even admittedly 'set up to fail'. Given an initial budget of only $3 million, when the Clinton sex scandal received over $40 million.

    Interview with co-chair 9/11 Investigation commissioner

  5. Look no further than Jamie Gorelick.


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