The Spirit

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  1. What about the Spirit? What do you think about it? What is the key concepts of it? How tangible can you make it out to be? What are the multiple definitions of it? Do you understand it? Can you sharpen it? What abnormal things can you do through it? What is your thoughts on parapsychology? Are there spirits that roam the earth? Ever run into one or talked to one? What are your ideas on all this?
  2. Aren't you really talking about the psyche? The mind's identity.

    I didn't know about parapsychology, now that I know, I am hopeful their search will be fruitful. I currently think that life after death is really a near-death experience (ie the last thing that happens as you die). If they can somehow find a way to measure the continuation of the psyche after the body's death, that will blow my mind.
  3. Na I wasn't talking about the psyche, I was talking about the spirit, the other thing this subgroup in the forum is about.
  4. What constitutes the spirit?
  5. It was the same question I was aiming toward the spiritual ones. I wanted to see what they would come up with, so I could see how they see it.

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