The Spirit of Ganja

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  1. I've been meaning to post for about this for a long time, but I haven't been able to do it yet. Tonight seems good though, because I'm high and I don't have work tomorrow.

    I also have a question, because it will affect this thread. Are we allowed to mention another drug?

    Either way:

    A few weeks ago, while "entering a new dimension of thought" I was smoking a bowl and had a beautiful experience.

    This is going to sound overly-hippie to some if you don't understand matter and the spiritual context of energy.

    I emptied my cashed bowl into my turtle-shell ashtray, and it was still cherried in part. Smoke was slowly drifting up from it, and I thought about getting high by burning cannabis as incense. Just a passing thought. Then I inhaled some of the smoke and felt it fill my lungs and into my bloodstream.

    If you know what smudging is, I smudged myself with the smoke. If you don't know what smudging is, it's when you bathe and cleanse or purify something with smoke, by wafting the smoke over something as you would water.

    This whole time I began to feel so good, and feel so thankful for bud. I said "Thank you" aloud to ganja and then felt like my energetic essence directly bonded with or came in contact with the energetic essence of ganja.

    Essentially, I met the Spirit of Cannabis.

    I now smoke with so much more respect for the plant and I feel "closer" to my bud.
  2. Man you sound blowed..

  3. A little.

    I took my first blunt of good weed to the face last night and learned my lesson on overdoing it.
  4. What a nice love story... :smoke:
  5. LOL.

    I can't hate though you're not doing anything wrong and being yourself.;)
  6. Beautiful :)
  7. It sounds like you were really high and had a good time.
  8. Definitely. It was really a good experience.

    And I was trippin all night.
  9. "Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction."

    "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself."

    -Bob Marley
  10. Quoting people doesn't make it true. No offense to Bob Marley fans, but that quote is pure ignorance, the first part of it at least.

  11. I don't think it's so much untrue as it is exaggerated. I think most people agree that bud is overall better for the mind, body, soul, and community than alcohol is. Cannabis has many more health benefits and a huge variety of industrial uses. It's just an overstatement.
  12. So true. :D
  13. It was a really powerful feeling. I can't wait for my next "experience."
  14. There are moments in our life when for some reason we can become more in tune with the weaves and patterns of energy, experiencing it is akin to a religious man experiences a connection to god. There are no truly meaningful differences between a religious experience and psychedelic experience.

  15. I agree. Everything can be broken down into basic energy:


    Cannabis/cells/molecules (including cannabinoids)/atoms/protons-neutrons-electrons

    It felt like the energy that I am made of formed bonds with the energy in the smoke and plant itself. It was neat.

    It's strange how psychedelics can change your ways of thinking. Before, I was still clinging on to that last little thread of Christian belief that I held just to avoid "Hell." I grappled with the subject of hell and eternal suffering for a long time, but after that night, I've come to an understanding and feel at ease.
  16. 'Everything' is at or between plus and minus infinities
  17. When I'm playing trumpet in a Jazz session, I smoke a blunt in between solo's. I wafer the smoke into my horn.
    when it's my turn, I'm jamming in heaven.
    It's my euphoira,
    better than any other drug I've ever tried.

    Marijuana and Jazz.,

  18. That's awesome man. I play bass and jam a lot too. There's nothing better than pouring every bit of energy you have into the music. It's ecstatic.
  19. i think what you were feeling, was being high. craazy riight? :]​

  20. No no. It was much more than that. You'd have to eat some boomers to know what I'm talking about I guess.

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