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"The Spins" Drinkin & Smokin...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MOBYDICK, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Hello GC.

    well, when i was about 3 months into smokin every other day, i decided to get drunk at a party.
    im a lightweight so don flame.

    i had about 4 budweiser beers. and i dont drink often so i was feeling kinda tipsy...anyways my good friend invites me in on a sesh of some dank i rarely smoked.

    we shred 2 fat bowls and i go out into the living room where everyones at and man...

    im fuckin staggering and shit and the whole fuckin world was just, spinning. it was trippy as shit.

    i was just wondering if this happens to anybody else, or if it would still affect me the same 6 months later now that im a daily smoker.
    thanks for your time!
  2. yeah that happened to me a few weeks ago . i went to a frat party and i have such low tolerance for alchohol because i never drink . so i had a few shots and i had a few beers, then i smoked a j durban poison - like a little under a gram. i fellt sooo gone for the next two hours. staggering, spinning, but fun nonetheless . i had a great time
  3. haha well lets just say my first day back at college last year 6 of us killed like 2 handles and then me and 2 of my boys smoked a blunt,I got the spins so bad i was sleeping on the floor . You can also have a pretty good trip first time you drink and smoke. My first time I felt like i lost my hearing and my ears were on fire for a few minutes. but I always gets the spins after drinking heavily and a nice blunt of dankness
  4. did anybody ever throw up?

    i sure as hell did, but idc, being that effed up was worth it.
  5. at a party i was at a couple weeks ago i was super drunk, i had bud on me, so went to smoke with all the other people in the back.. the person living there was a dealer and had a triple perc bong that fuckin ripped.. we smoked prolly 4 bowls between 4-6 people i dont remember out the bong.. i went back to where people were playing beer pong and shit and just leaned against the wall, for like 30 min. i was so dizzy it was crazy.
  6. Yeah, you can do that off just weed, but its pretty hard. Weed + other drugs/alcohol, its pretty easy.
  7. Smoke, then drink, young grasshoppers.
  8. I like to smoke first, and that makes it even easier to drink, but in the reverse order I have experienced many of the same things. I can have 2-3 shots, smoke, and be fine, but if I have like 5, 6, plus shots and smoke (assuming a legit session with dank)... my world starts spinning and if I move at all, I throw up. I really need to stop doing it, but when you are drunk, you are like shit, how could smoking make me feel worse?! Crunk here I come! Yeah, doesn't usually work so hot for me...
  9. +1 to that. I've had my worst smoking experiences ever when toking after getting drunk first. Your mind is always like...damn....i want to smoke....but this is the time to either convince yourself not to or reach for a cigarette, because you will end up violently sick if you try to do too much after smoking (at least in my experience). If you can get away with doing it in this order, mad props.
  10. yep. just don't over do it. shit can really fuck you up. you have to know your limits to enjoy the spins without yacking
  11. I usually take a shot or two before I start to smoke. When me and a couple other friends have a sesh we go and buy a couple 6 packs, a bottle, couple blunts, along with the sack. We all take a couple shots then roll up a blunt, and open up a beer. Smoke and repeat.
  12. You get used to it though. I remember times where ive been off my face and blazed a big bong session and was completely done for the night. I can do that now usually, depending on how much ive had to drink, anything more than 10 drinks and a fat blunt and consider me KO'ed for the night
  13. when i go out and drink to get drunk, then blaze i almost always end up puking with bad spins
  14. used to happen to me when i FIRST began mixing alcohol and weed... went away though after a while.
  15. in my first several years of smoking, everytime i would drink and then smoke i would always spin, sometimes to the point of puking. Now that Ive drank and smoked for awhile, I dont spin at all, even if im shithoused hammered, I can smoke without spinning or getting sick at all.
  16. Weird, this never happened to me. Whenever I get crossfaded I just feel good... and it's a little hard for me to talk haha.
  17. This has definitly happened to me, whenever i drink alot then smoke im done... i just end up on the toilet for the rest of the night. Has anyone ever notice that if you drink and smoke it reduces the chances of getting a hangover. Whenever i smoke then drink i never get a hangover... its weird.
  18. i get smashed and blazed every weekend at ecu man.

    drink an 18 pack and smoke a blunt with your buds, then head to a party....

    thats a night right there.
  19. never got the spins ever,period. not trying to be tuff i just dont get teh spins
  20. This is my goal every weekend. I prefer to get drunk first then top it off with a blunt. If I smoke first then I don't pound beers like I normally would. Oh, and you think you're lightweight but even a few beers and then bluntage will do some work. I remember last New Year's me and my friend were so fucking wasted by like 7pm. By the time it was 11:30 we were 2 blunt sessions deep and at some party... I couldn't even talk. My friend thought there were 11 hours and 30 minutes until the ball dropped when it was actually the time:D

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