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The spiders Are Our Friends Thread

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by smokehound, May 26, 2014.

  1. IMG_4025.JPG
    little jumping spider these buggers are hard to photograph

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  2. Spiders disgusting but they eat mosquitos and shit so I don't mind having a few under the ceiling.
    As long as it stays up there
  3. Found this big momma hanging out. spider.jpg
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  4. Just a garden spider "hanging out" Spi.jpg Sp.jpg
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    My worst fear has been quadrupled!

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  6. You actually like spiders?? I hate them lmaoo

    There's one that lives near my light in my back garden.. it's been there for the last week or so now every night, I'll have to snap a picture later if it's there
  7. I bet he will be hiding! I think they look cool but some scare me more than others. I think the above garden spider looks cool though, and he protects my plants :)
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