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the space shuttle...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. for anyone who doesn't already know, the space shuttle went down today during reentry. they don't know what 'caused it, but all 7 astronauts are dead.

    some time during reentry the shuttle discintegrated going 12,500mph (6 times the speed of sound).

    we're living through a part of history.

    my heart goes out to the families who lost someone in this tragedy.

  2. yea man its pretty bad and it just shows you how fast life can end. my heart goes out to the families as well. we just have to live life to the fullest while we can.
  3. R.I.P.

    i was a litle older than my son when i watched the challenger explode only minutes after takeoff.
    everyday now it seems were living and making history i just wish it wasnt like this.
  4. The more you mess with nature, the more disasterous she will be.

    I feel for the families. I would hope that noone would ever have to go through it.

  5. It does sometimes seem like we were never meant to go into space, doesn't it?


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