The Sound of Music!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    The common thing you hear from other marijuana smokers is that: when you are high, music sounds better.

    Although he really enjoys the sound of music (certain genres) while he is high, he notices that he will start to analyze the song playing.

    He will try to think of why the artist wrote the song, why does it sound the way it does, who listens to this, why do they listen to this, is there some sort of "sub-culture" surrounding this music, etc...and here is where the bad part comes in... He gets annoyed of the song and it becomes unbearable to listen to it-- either because it is annoying, it sounds ridiculous, or the story he came up with in his head ruined the song...or all three!

    Although he loves listening to music while he is high, he finds it hard to find a good song that doesn't mess with his head. While sober, he loves his music, but when he is high he realizes that maybe he doesn't like his music..

    Question: Are you or do you know of anyone with the similar problem stated in the paragraph above?
  2. Question: Who is he?
  3. mary jane is a girl not a boy
  4. no, and maybe you should try listening to different music if you're describing yourself.

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