The "Sound" Of Life

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    So i was smoking today and thought maybe there's a constant noise we hear all the time but just don't notice it because were so used to it.

    Maybe the earth is actively moving and were just so used to it we don't feel it.

    Maybe there is a constant smell that we don't pick up on because it's just always been there.

  2. I will contemplate this after work when I medicate...I will then return to reply my thoughts. :)
  3. im pretty sure there are sound that we hear alot that we are use to hearing becuase sometimes ill be sitting there and think about stuff and all the sudden i start hearing buzzing or like movement but im alone and sitting still(could be ear wax being made or something).
    do boogers have a smell? that could be a smell

    but im also really baked
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    Well I think I remember something about the earth or universes natural constant resonance is like if thats true, then maybe thats the sound of life? :bongin:

    Might be mixing that up with another frequency lol....somone know?

  5. Well there definatly is always a constant smell. The smell of nature is a mixture of everything on the earth. Polution, pollen, etc. Its all there. As for sound.. when you sit down in a silent area outdoors your ears are definatly reacting to something. I always feel like they are working extra hard to find any bit of noise.
  6. Oh god skunkys high again
  7. Thanks for all your thoughts guys, some really cool ideas here :smoking:

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