The Sound of Animals Fighting

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Tabishidu, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I can only assume that I'm not the only one into this brilliant music.

    Their new cd is fucking incredible to listen to high.
    or sober.
    or whatever.
    They are impossibly good at their craft.

    Anyone else out there like them or plans on picking up the cd?
  2. i liked it alot, i dont think as much as you did.

    but i did like it.

    i downloaded it and put it on my itunes and play it when im in the mood.
  3. I only like it so much because it's a collaboration project from a bunch of really great bands. This new cd isn't nearly as "trippy" as the last one was but I still find it to have a great "high vibe".
  4. Where'd you guys download the cd?
  5. You can check for a torrent. Though, I don't know if the new cd will have one yet.
  6. their first cd + dxm

    oh the places ive been inside closed eyes with that combo
  7. Yeah man. For fuckin sure. They are a great great great high band if you are by yourself talking to people on the.....grasscity....forums......hugh? That's what I'm doing... Would you look at that? :smoke:
  8. Anthony Green is amazing.
  9. I don't quite care for his solo project but

    Circa Survive is still the shit.
  10. Don't forget Saosin. <3.
  11. I had never heard of this band, but they remind me a lot of the Mars Volta, at least in their progressive style and the technicality of their music. Its pure talent,
    That video is a perfect example if anyone wants to check out their musicianship, holy shit is all I have to say.
  12. These guys have been a long time favorite of mine, I love Circa and RX bandits, but S.O.A.F. tops both IMO.

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