The Sound Current of the Naad

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  1. One manifest reality. Can be seen and conceptualized as the vibrating sound current of the naad.

    There are 5 elements. Wind, water, fire, earth and akaash, or space. Also known in a sense, as the naad.

    Earth is what we see as the most gross aspect of our experienced reality. Solid.
    Water is a more subtle aspect of our reality. Parting before any object with ease and returning to fill the space. In reality, it is the liquid state, which itself exists in varying densities, from subtle to gross.

    I have to admit something. Everytime i try to speak on the truth, I become absorbed by it. The state of perfection and I stay in samadhi. For months on end I can go without entering it and as soon as I do, it's perfection. Leaving it I'm confused and forget how to reach it again and I suffer, because only falsehood could turn one away from the perfected. It's the alchemical process. We can only transmute the lead into gold with the philosophers stone.

    You hear the music and you have to listen.
  2. Stoned much :p
    The way I see it...wind=change, water = life, fire = death, earth = grounding/balance, and I suppose you can add another for the awareness of it all, consciousness.
  3. So stoned I completely forgot I wrote this. LOL

    But yeah, I was speaking of the elements in a more simple way, like just different densities of energy. From subtle to gross. The most subtle being space itself, which is the medium for the vibration that comprises creation.

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