The solution for US borders is found here.

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  1. This is how India and Pakistan close their borders, every damn day.

    Release the Lulz!

    [ame=""]India-Pakistan border ceremony - BBC - YouTube[/ame]
  2. i dont get it
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    Really? Whats not to get? You do know India and Pakistan aren't fond of each other, right? Either way, this is clearly hilarious.
  4. Ya they are enemies aren't they, i just dont understand why they close it every night, is it open during the day or something, idk but i dug their mustaches so cool mustache vid?
  5. From the video I guess India started this ceremony and not be outdone Pakistan joined in. I do love that they shake hands at the end.

    I guess folks over there don't have Game of Thrones to look forward too, or other programming most us watch each and everyday. Bollywood, enough said.
  6. Psh. The mexicans would defiantly not honor anything like this.

    They'd scurry across our borders by the bagillions if we didn't have millions of dollars worth of equipment sitting there.. Waiting.
  7. I dunno man, if some Mexicans saw Americans soldiers dressed and parading like this I think they'd stop dead in their tracks to see what the fuck is going on. That's when you nab em. I just save America millions of dollars!
  8. Now that's what you call a show...:)

    Some fuck off cool moustaches on show in that video...:smoke:

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