The soldier that murdered that village in the middle east

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  1. I have a question. Does anyone see it as wrong the the government doesnt do anything about the soldier thats served 5 terms in the middle east?

    Dont think that Im naive enough to believe that they actually care, but it bothers me when the stupid fucking news makes everyone believe that he was just an evil man. That he was just a psycopathic killer from birth. Thats bullshit. Everyone portrays this guy as the most evil thing, but obviously there is more to it. He probably had PTSD.

    Dont take this the wrong way. Dont acuse me of being fucked up for saying this. If I have to tell you that killing all those people is disgusting and horrible then you shouldnt be reading this. But I think he had a reason. I dont think he was just insane. People described him as being nice. But i think that its fucked up that everyone allows the world to put a 20 year old in front of a bunch of guns and explosives and then call him fucked up when he goes on a rampage. That kind of stress and pain and death must make you want to do that. I mean he probably saw his best friends, at 20 years old get shot dead and blown up. I mean it is fucked up to do such a thing, but its equally as fucked up to be a stupid arrogant hypocrite and say that you could never do such an immoral thing if you had experienced the same level of pain and suffering.

    He could have been insane, but this is also a possibility. Just a rant, tell me your opinions.

    At least he wasnt obsessed with celebrities and twitter and the social media.:mad:
  2. Wasn't he like...38 or somethin'?:cool:
  3. its possible man...people sure got worked up over it though. it's not like he crashed a plane into any towers or anything...
  4. People said Charles Manson was nice to...
  5. US military in Afghanistan does not make the US any safer. We shouldn't be there in the 1st place.

    What are the goals of US occupation? What will it take for us to just pack up and go home?
  6. I do feel bad for him but what he did was horrable

  7. Yep, 38 years old

    In the end it's probably going to be chalked up to having done four deployments, stress at home and battle fatigue. He was also treated for traumatic brain injury after a car rollover in Iraq.

    This type of thing has happened in every war in history, the only difference is that the news travels so much faster in 2012 than it did during World War II or Vietnam. They shouldn't have to put guys through four tours of duty. We should have washed our hands of the whole situation years ago. Nothing is going to change over there. The smart thing to do is to focus on not allowing the mess in the Middle East to affect us over here.
  8. he joined the military, that says enough about him. he clearly has no issues with taking lives so the government gives him a gun and the training to use it. he just did what he was trained to do, and that's to vanquish life.
  9. There's a recent Onion headline that defines this perfectly.

    Purity Of War Marred By One Bad Apple In Afghanistan

    Throw as much tape and definitions around it as they want; war is war, which always ends with dead people. I don't look down on him.
  10. man, in ancient times men were at war for like twenty years.
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  12. Man shit happens, but no matter the shit that happens it doesn't give you the right to kill 16 people. Maybe hes not crazy, maybe he just killed them.. You don't have to be crazy to kill, but still its human values you should know not to kill, especially if you're from the US or any other civilized country. I feel bad, and i'm not sure for who the people, his wife, his kids, or even himself. Honestly he should've known all the shit that could happen after killing innocent people no matter the country, and honestly hes getting what he deserves. I just hope his family, the citizens, and the world can move on and stop talking about it because honestly its just getting annoying.
  13. Yea, the dude actually use to live like a half hour north of me, I dont know who he is but that war fucked him up. They say he was drunk and just saw a couple of his buddies get blown to shit.

    As for the stealing of the money thing I honestly think greed can take over a lot of people, you hear about it all the time. I believe this had nothing to do with the murders that took place.

    But dudes gonna get incarcerated for life or get the death penalty, can't go around shooting innocent kids and women.
  14. He was a Bad Guy before he joined the military people. Lookin a little further than given media info will tell ya that.
  15. Whether he was an asshole or a thief shouldn't automatically equate him to being a psychopathic murderer though. He was still thrown into some crazy shit that few of us have seen. I'm not saying he should face the penalties because he should, but people shouldn't paint this as black and white , be it for politics, human ideology or whatever. He's no Benedict Arnold, he's a walking result of our War on Oil-ism. Our Frankenstein's monster, except not so dramatic and extreme as that.

  16. I like what you're saying..

  17. It's not like he had a clean military career either man..

    While stationed at Fort Lewis, public records show Bales had minor run-ins with law enforcement. In 2002, he got in a fight with a security guard at a Tacoma area casino; he was charged with misdemeanor "criminal assault", but charges were dismissed after he paid a small fine and attended anger management classes.[12] A drunken confrontation outside of a bar in 2008 led to a police report, but no charges.[13]

    On the other hand

    Bales was assigned to Camp Belambay in Kandahar Province on 1 February,[19] six weeks before the shooting.[10] There, special forces, either U.S. Army Special Forces or U.S. Navy SEALs,[20] were engaged in village stability operations.[20] Bales was responsible for supporting this mission by providing base security.[19] Ms. Bales was struggling with the family finances, and three days before the shootings she put their home up for sale, as they had fallen behind with mortgage payments.[21] The property was listed for $229,000, about a $50,000 loss on what the family paid for it in 2005 and less than they owed the bank.[21] The investigation of the shootings is looking into the possibility that an e-mail about marriage problems might have provoked Bales.[16]

    Robert Bales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yeah it's Wikipedia. Cry me a river.

  18. in ancient times soldiers also raped, pillaged, tore people limb from limb, killed for any reason possible. shrew taming, crusades, witch trials, the renaissance were better at torturing their own people than anyone else, medieval second, followed by us
  19. Murder is happening everyday in the middle east, this guy just went overboard

    The us shouldn't be in the middle east or any other country than their own. But too bad there are greedy and power hungry people running this world.

    I wish for a day without borders or armies

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