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The sobe bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FLactivist420, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. i would like to share this powerfull bong with u veterens.

    on an empty sobe bottle there is a corner in the glass (bottom of the backside), punture a round hole with a phillips screwdriver.

    now punture a hole in the cap, i use scissors for that. insert a bowl here from a metal pipe or make one, be creative and use whatever u have. make sure its air tight, if not i just use tape to fix that.

    now plug the hole in the glass with ur finger and fill the bottle with water, screw the cap on and hold ur lighter up to the bowl. now unplug the hole and as the water drains from the bottle thick smoke will replace it. now obviously u just take the cap off and inhale the goodness.

    if u do this right u will be taking in more smoke then ur lungs can handle, its bad for ur lungs..but its good to get perma-baked every now and then..right?

    let me know what u guys think of this reverse gravity bong.
  2. hahahah, ive made a million posts bout these bad boys!! first 2 months of my smoking career were on these, this is how i was taught to blaze. mmmm, i make the bowls myself out of gear from home hardware, you can smoke a gram in a toke easily. yum cough cough
  3. that method works, or u can always use buckets.
    adamBC: where in BC are u from? I have family all over Vancouver island and in Vancouver, and Surrey.
  4. we used to get Sobe for a while in the uk

    can't find them anymore though

  5. 2 liter pop bottle and a pitcher and the top to your bowl

    cut the bottom of the 2 liter off drill a hole in your cap. smaller than the threads of your bowl and heat up your bowl and screw it into the cap. fill the pitcher with water. fill your bowl .put your 2 ltr in the pitcher cap on light and slowly pull pop bottle out take cap off and mouth over top and drop and inhale (have fun)
  6. waterfalls!!! oh how i love waterfalls! :p! ohhhhh waterfalls!

  7. ive heard that a couple times now, i had no idea they were called waterfalls. i also found out that snapple bottles have the same corner? im thinkin bout buying a big ass bottle of snapple! does ne body know a different drink that has this same feature?
  8. alot of beer and liquor bottles have the little indent too.

    ive always found Sobes just work the best though. go to home hardware or something, and buy the brass end piece that fits on the end of a green lawn hose.

    its pretty much just a really big brass bowl. put this into the sobes lid, and you can now pack about 2 grams. take that back in a hit or two, and when you stop coughing half an hour later and get all the resin off the back of your teeth, you come tell me how baked you are :D

  9. lmao! sounds like a plan. like ur brass end piece idea.
  10. I love waterfalls there the best type of gravity bongs i want to use one of those huge bottles they put on water coolers, and have the biggest waterfall, there great for partys i like to use 3 liter bottles get like a tripple deep fill it complete with the smoke then just walk around with the bottle like its my drink and just take rips out of it, gets you baked quick and you don't have to keep lighting a bowl, and the hole i normally use to drain the water i make it so i can put a cork or something into it so i don't have to always have my finger over (tape works just as well), just don't fall asleep with smoke in it and when you wake up hit it the smoke will get stale and really nasty and i think if you leave it in there for a long time it will turn to a gell not sure though, i know it works with smoke bombs.
  11. whats your method of making a whole in the glass?
  12. fill it with sand... then drill it with a bit

  13. really? but what if u cant find sand...

    how come everyone calls it a career? (like adam said)
  14. That shit is crazy I hate cuoghing thuogh so I'll stick to somethign else
  15. i just drilled mine without filling it with sand... worked but you gotta be carefull not to break it
  16. just go spend $8 on a damn bit that can drill glass.. home depot sells them just search for Glass Drill Bit ^^

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