The Snail

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  1. This is a cheesy joke- but it makes me smile.

    There once was this snail. He was a world renowned race car driver, with the fastest car in the world. One day, he crashed that car. He made a deal with a dealership to give him the NEXT fastest car in the world for free. The dealership agreed. The snail was not through yet, he wanted something special painted on the car. He told the dealership "Paint a S on the side of my car so everyone knows its me driving by, the Snail."

    When he picked up the car he was so excited- he took it for a test drive, speading past a person on the sidewalk. The person gasped as the snail speed by saying.. " LOOK AT THAT S CAR GO!!"
  2. Lol, so cute.
  3. Ah-haha, that took me a minute but that's very cute! Thanks for sharing :D
  4. :laughing: Cute!
  5. I'm the only guy who replied to this thread. I feel fruity now. Oh well... :D
  6. i still dont get it
  7. s car go... escargot... :p
  8. hahaaha....creative lol

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