The Smudge Enhancement Project

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by smudgeproject, May 7, 2006.

  1. I've started this project, where I post one smudge painting I've done everyday. I smudge photos
    into something new. I do this on Every visit is motivation.
  2. ..Uh..thats cool..i gues? lol
  3. that's pretty cool...but you should show the photo you began with for comparison.
  4. Maybe you should contribute something to this board before spamming it.

  5.'s he spamming?

  6. His username is the site he's promoting. He has one post, and it consists of just his link to his site. That's spam baby.

    Spam doesn't have to be for a commercial site, it's just unsolicited advertising, which is what this is.
  7. Well I disagree. I don't consider this spamming, I'm just showing you my website to see if anyone's interested.

    anyway, thanks for your comments, the reason I don't post the original photo is that I don't think it is of relevance, since the finished painting isn't connected with it, the photo is mearly colours, or my palette.

  8. So, you think it would be a good idea if everyone with a website joined this board and started one thread about their website without contributing anything else to the forum?


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