The smoking game!

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.BunglEsbong, May 8, 2006.

  1. Alright well this morning after having a less than satisfying bowl of carpet weed i had a crazy idea. I came up with this little 'game'.

    The basic idea of what i was doing was trying to smoke as many random houshold things as possible.Before you assume the worst i promise i did use discretion. i onlysmoked things i deemd natural enough and nothing that would be very chemical. These are the things i found to stick in my bowl, smoked individually with a glass of water by my side.

    1. Ginger- Skin and meat. Not too harsh almost salmonish taste. Cant tell if any buzz from it because i already had some mint too, but i am feeling different, more than placebop body high(well i am a little stoned too, haha not as scientific as id hoped)

    2. Mint a- Leaves. Super smooth, surprising little taste, still feel the afforementioned buzz.

    3. Poppy- Stamen, pollen, and thing in the middle. Smooth, mangoey taste. Still feeling buzz.

    Mom calls, get up and talk for a minute, im pretty stoned, more than before, get incredible headrush when i stand up.

    4. Green tea-Shitty sweetish brand we got as a gift. Pretty harsh. Taste hard to explain, not much flavor. Smoke has lemony smell, and im getting higher by the minute

    5. Mint b- Almost identical but burns slower than mint a.

    So thats what i just got finished msoking, and im prett yhigh, im sure that they did somethign as i know i wasnt feeling this befroe. But placebo cant be discounted i dont know.

    Before Anyone starts flaming me for how stupid this was i realize that i couldnt of been good for me, but i dont plan on doing this daily.
    If anyone wants to try this themselves and post, or suggest new smokables to me we could create a little smokable database yo!
  2. i heard catnip is pretty interesting. might want to try that. i'm going to after my smoking break.
  3. man my first year in high school this kid smoked a green tea bag out of his bowl before school and he was fucking gone. he was hallucinating and freaking out and was in spanish class and just started screaming and shit and he had to go to the hopital for it. it was crazy he said afterwards that he was extremely fucked up and enjoyed it for a while but then he started freaking out and it was a downward spiral from there. i can't remeber the brand he said it was some chinese or japanese brand tho. crazy shit

  4. Dont.

    I did.

    I regret.
  5. did you get dared to.. or were you dry or sumthing?
  6. Well i continued smoking the poppies and the green tea since then, just kinda bowl after bowl as im sittin here. I feel lkinda an intense caffeine buzz, my hands are shaking and im feeling that stimulant focus.
    Edit- oh yeah and now im drinking some of the tea, i brewed it with the ginger and a poppy leaf or two also just to keep it up.

  7. I was dry, and bored, and happened to find 2 experience reports on erowid that said it was pleasant. It tasted alright, but was harsh, and did nothing.
  8. I smoked gum? lol..
  9. I prefer to smoke weed.

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