The Smoking Buzzkill Thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by climbingtrees, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. So im in my room which is downstairs about to light up a bowl when i look up and what do i see? my neighbors window open with the light on. so then i had to wait for them to go to bed so the smoke doesnt drift into their window. so i wanna hear some of your guys stories about how you had to postpone smoking for one reason or another.
  2. That's not even that bad of a buzzkill man. I got in a car chase with a crazy guy (he was chasing me) for like 10 mins, I think I was rolling an L outside his house.
  3. on tuesday, my friends went to this park to blaze. they were packin a bowl when all of a sudden like 5 cruizers roll up. they ditch the weed but the cops find it and end up only charging my one friend cus hes half mexican and cops are fuckin racist as hell. both my mexican friend and one of the other guys just quit smokin after that incident.

  4. thats so badass.
  5. I was about to smoke a bowl until I found/accidentally disturbed a wasps nest and had to speed back in the house. Lost all the weed in the bowl too. :(
  6. The cops came knocking on my door today. It wasn't for me but it got me a little shook up, I had a blunt sitting in my room waiting to be smoked. He left and I went to go chill out in my room, then played the Beatles when I calmed down.
  7. Oh man, I was blowin an L on the side of this real back ass road wit my boys. There was this pull off that you could look over this big ass cliff. Well, this guy that lives across the road came out of his house, and we here "Hey you MOTHERFUCKERS" *Shotgun Cocking*

    We all turn around and this motherfuckers on his porch with a shotgun. So we start laughin and get in the car to bounce the fuck outta there, well, this cat got in his big ass truck. This dude chased us through backroads for like an hour in the middle of the night. It was crazy.

    ANYWAY Here's my story:

    Aight, so I been with this girl for almost 8 months now. She always makes me go to her house n shit, and her little brother (4 years younger than me) idolizes me. I guess I'm his "role model". Anyway, I dress "gangster" I guess if you wanna say that, Dickies, black-t, fitted. Anyway, this kid was just a normal "preppy" kid I guess. He starts dressin like me, talkin like me, and when I go over there he stands like 3 feet away from me at all times.

    Anyway, we are smokin this blunt. This kid is sittin 3 feet away from me. Just kinda....staring at me? I don't want to be a dick to my girls brother and like....slap him, so I just let it go. We finish the blunt, and I go up into my girls bedroom and lay in her bed. She comes in, things start going in a good direction....until....

    This motherfucker just comes walking in and GETS INTO THE BED INBETWEEN ME N HER AND JUST FUCKING LAYS THERE AND STARTS WATCHING TV LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED! She has no shirt on, and I'm fuckin laying there about to explode.

    I went home.


  8. Me and my friend who was with me later found out that the guy was just a crazy dad who caught his son smoking weed once and just lost it. It was an intense chase though through 2 towns, I kept trying to do fast turns to lose him but that motherfucker had an Audi SUV and never lost me. I even tried the "brake really hard and fall in behind him" when he tried to come up beside me, but that didn't work out too well. The most annoying part is, the moment me and my friend decided to ditch the weed and blunt wrap, he stopped chasing us and went home.

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