the smellyest skunks today

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  1. Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by...
    I am on a quest to find the stinkyest Skunk available.
    I heard that "wonder woman" from Nirvana was very smelly.

    I want to know what strain you think has the worst odor problem.

    I'm just going to chill out and wait here for you



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. some legit east coast sour diesel will stink up an entire house and penetrate brick and concrete. no joke. when u open up a bag of it, it permeates the entire room! very violating smells.. but the smelliest shiz I've grown from seed would have to be my mandala satori. i had people show up and tell me that it smelled down the entire block.
  3. Thanks tKB-man thanks for stopping by, that's so awesome, I love the skunk smell, it means good smoke.

    but I want to find the stuff that makes you smell, like you just got sprayed by a pissed off skunk.

    where is it![​IMG]
  4. it's whatever good quality seeds you grow.. seriously, a good quality strain (read grow journals/smoke reports) will reward you with a stinky ass grow room and potentially more by simply growin it well.
  5. well put bro :D

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